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Image Credit: IGN

E3 2017

Core Pokèmon RPG Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

During Nintendo’s annual E3 Treehouse stream fans were treated to a nugget of information that they’d truly been waiting for ever since the Switch was labelled the “NX“, a core Pokèmon RPG game for the Nintendo Switch.

The news follows Nintendo’s Pokémon Direct just last week, where it left fans somewhat disappointed fans by only announcing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for Nintendo 3DS, with the Switch seemingly only set to receive an upgraded Wii U port of 2015’s Pokkén Tournament.

Although no details are confirmed at this time including the games release date, it’s safe to say that Nintendo clearly has been listening to their fans as the company also announced the all-new Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch along with a slew of other titles during the stream.

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