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E3 2017

E3 2017: My Hopes for Xbox Media Briefing

It’s that time of the year once again. A time where all gamers come together in hopes of a new entry to their favourite franchise or to witness an all-new IP for the first time, but sometimes studios and publishers make us wait several years before delivering the most anticipated games.

Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at my hopes for Xbox’s press conference, which airs later this evening live from the Convention Center in Los Angeles at 22:00 PM BST.

More software than hardware: This is something Microsoft has never struggled with at their recent E3 Pressers and whilst it sounds so obvious, this is actually extremely important, especially with Project Scorpio on the horizon.

I’m hoping that Xbox opens its conference with the reveal of the all-new console, a price point and a release date and then from there on out it is game after game after game. This was Xbox’s mistake just last year and because of it, Sony ended up taking the world by storm with its conference featuring reveal after reveal, game after game. But before I get ahead of myself I’d like to backtrack for just a second and go over something I mentioned about Scorpio.

Scorpio’s Price: 2017 really is make or break for the Xbox One family, if Project Scorpio comes out at a too high price it could throw so many fans off. In my personal opinion I think I’m going to end up buying the console no matter the price but I really believe this console needs to launch at around £350, anything above that is pushing it for the average consumer especially due to the Xbox One S being available for less that (£230 in some places) it would be commercial suicide to price the Scorpio anything above £400.

Borderlands 3 & Other 3rd Party Franchises:

This rumour has been doing the rounds recently on Reddit and Neogaf but if Microsoft were, in fact, able to reach a deal with Gearbox to bring Borderlands 3 to the Xbox One as a year-long exclusive then it would be absolutely huge for the Xbox brand, but that is a very slim possibility. In general, Xbox need more 3rd party titles under their belt and that is why I was so happy to see Bioware’s new title: Anthem make an appearance at last night’s EA Play conference, with Project Scorpio, Xbox have a great chance to push forward with the Xbox One brand and gain back the trust of so many beloved fans and developers.

Forza Motorsport 7 is tipped to make an appearance

All New First Party Exclusives:

I’m not talking strictly new IP because I’m not expecting Microsoft to reinvent the wheel over and over, but perhaps building upon an existing IP as well as bringing an all new IP to the stage that introduces all-new breathtaking landscapes to players. Take for example Sunset Overdrive, fans love this game, the whacky and insanely fast gameplay combined with Insomniac’s charm was the perfect blend of chaos. I think it would be a much welcome addition to Xbox’s rather weak first party lineup over the next year. Even announcing a Quantum Break sequel would be a plus for Microsoft. Of course, the game didn’t make waves in the industry, but it hasn’t had room to breathe yet. In time if Microsoft plays its cards right Quantum Break as an IP could become one of their most valuable assets.

The final point I’m looking for from Microsoft’s press conference is more of a personal one than anything.


Just release it. There and then, on Stage. Give us fans that have had their eyes glued to this game since it was announced finally get what they’ve all been waiting for and just let this beautifully stylised game hit the market in that moment.

Be sure to check out Microsoft’s E3 2017 Media Briefing at 22:00 PM BST.

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