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E3 2017

Minecraft Welcomes Cross Play, User Creations and “Super Duper Graphics Pack”

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Minecraft Welcomes Cross Play, User Creations and “Super Duper Graphics Pack”

In a much welcome surprise, Mojang’s block-building phenomenon Minecraft will be receiving a much-needed overhaul this year that will introduce cross-play between all devices bar the PS4.

Announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 Media Briefing, Minecraft players from across all platforms including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and mobile devices will soon be able to come together across many of the game’s randomly generated worlds to craft and create.

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Not only that but we are also seeing user created content enter the world of Minecraft on consoles from custom skins, textures and even servers.

However, the Minecraft news didn’t end there because there was one more card up Microsoft’s sleeve and that was to introduce the “Super Duper Graphics Pack“. Whilst this wasn’t necessarily the mods reveal many players and fans were so dearly hoping for, it is certainly something to take note of.

Shader packs like this have existed in Minecraft on PC for several years now and it’s definitely impressive to see it entering the game in an official capacity. Hopefully, we’ll soon see mods arrive for Minecraft.

All the content mentioned above is expected to release later this year for Xbox One.

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