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6 ‘Arkham Accidents’ That Insomnaic Games PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Must Avoid


6 ‘Arkham Accidents’ That Insomnaic Games PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Must Avoid

Insomniac Games. You’ve heard of them. The studio responsible for Hyper-Caffeinated Millenial Hipster Simulator – otherwise known as Sunset Overdrive – as well as a little-known icon of the 90s’ (purple dragon, name rhymes with byro, indispensable part of your childhood?).

Now a lot older, wiser and more experienced, Insomniac Games are swinging their skills to the pages of Marvel’s most iconic – some would say even amazing – character, in order to show the world just how friendly a neighbourhood the ‘wall-crawler from Queens’ can be, with their next project: Spider-Man.

Revealed during a show-stealing trailer at E3 last year, the pulse-pounding pitch sent the world’s spidey senses into overdrive with a blockbuster montage promising high-action, heroism and heart. As Insomniac look set to weave a fresh new take on the web-slinger, all eyes are on Arkham, as the legacy of Rocksteady Studio’s iconic Batman series looks set to face its first challenger in the superhero genre.

Although the Batman: Arkham series achieved much during its tenure as the greatest superhero series of games ever made, the final entry in the trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight did, well, it did stuff. It went about certain things in a way that wasn’t exactly good. It… it… it killed my love for Rocksteady faster than a thug can kill billionaires in a back-alley. If Spider-Man wants to smite the Knight, here are the six things that Insomniac Games must do in order to overcome the Batman: Arkham series’ legacy.

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