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Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Yet to be Backwards Compatible

Only a month shy of two years since backwards compatibility on Xbox One was introduced, we currently stand at 375 titles available to play. Chances are, even more, will be added as early as May 4th. The titles that have made it so far read like a dream list of games from the Xbox 360 library with classics such as Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption, truly classic titles like Banjo-Kazooie and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and even titles from some of the biggest franchises like Star Wars and Sonic the Hedgehog all now playable on Xbox One.

It’s hard to believe, but there are games that haven’t made it to the list that are well worth your attention. Here’s just a small sampling of the games I would like to see. My only barriers were to not count games that are already available on Xbox One via a remaster i.e Dishonored or simultaneously released on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One i.e Dragon Age Inquisition.

Here is a Top 10 Xbox 360 games that should go backwards compatible.

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How Crackdown hasn’t been made backwards compatible is a little bewildering, until you remember that this summer we hope to get our first look at live gameplay of Crackdown 3. When the program for backwards compatibility began, some new titles like DOOM and Fallout added older titles for free as incentives to pre-order. It wouldn’t surprise me at all for Crackdown to receive the same treatment when Crackdown 3 eventually releases.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Crackdown, the series puts you in the boots of a super-powered Agent whose duty it is to clean up the city. The game places a large emphasis on exploration as you collect orbs to enhance your Agent’s abilities.

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Crysis is the game that when it released in 2007 you ended up getting either a new graphics card or sitting, waiting impatiently for the day it was ported to console. It ended up being a dazzling game at the time for the developers that would eventually make Ryse: Son of Rome.

Crysis has you taking on North Koreans and Aliens in equal measure across a tropical island. With Crysis being an EA-published game it should eventually make it and as a bonus, it should join EA Access shortly after it lands on the backwards compatibility program.

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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit here, but with Square Enix celebrating the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, wouldn’t it be great to get the entire trilogy of XIII? The trilogy centers around Lightning, a confident woman who ends up being the key to survival across time and for the denizens of Gran Pulse.

All three titles in the trilogy, Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are RPGs created with the goal of making Final Fantasy XIII a series within a series. The trilogy also features variations of the same battle system that is a blend of real-time and turn-based battles.

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Dragon Age II

Personally, I can’t stand incomplete series. It’s why I haven’t dived into a replay of some games yet because one of the titles is missing. As such, let’s rectify at least one of those missing titles: Dragon Age II.

In Dragon Age II, players become Hawke, a character that you will change over the course of a decade from a refugee to a legendary fighter. However, the game is vastly different from Dragon Age: Origins. These changes include no options for race, a very different combat system, and a smaller world. Despite this, it was still a good albeit different game.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

In a parallel universe, Kingdoms of Amalur was a huge hit and had a few sequels. Unfortunately, this is not that universe. 38 Studios, creators of the game, closed their doors three months after releasing the game. The player character is revived at the onset of the game and sets out to save the Kingdom from their own Fates.

Three classes are available in this medieval action RPG, that has real talent behind it from Todd McFarlane, R.A. Salvatore, and Ken Rolston. Kingdoms of Amalur is also one of the few western RPGs not released under backwards compatibility.

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SoulCalibur IV/V

Either fighting game in the series would be good, but after recently playing more of SoulCalibur II HD Online, I’m craving some more weapon based fighting goodness. Both entries are part of the tale of souls and swords eternally retold.

IV featured a few Star Wars guest characters while V featured Ezio Auditore da Frienze of Assassin’s Creed fame. Both titles also feature very detailed character creators alongside a host of pre-made characters both new and old. Not to mention they look fantastic to boot.

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Fable Anniversary

It’s another missing game in a series that is otherwise all on backwards compatibility! Fable Anniversary is a remaster of the original Fable title that was released towards the end of the Xbox 360 life cycle. The original’s gameplay remained intact and contained the additional Lost Chapters content.

Fable was also one of the first titles on consoles that introduced mechanics where your choices affected the game’s world as you progressed. It should only be a matter of time before it joins the backwards compatibility program, but its absence is surprising regardless.

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Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata was an Xbox 360 exclusive when it first released in 2007. However, an enhanced version of the game later made it’s way to the PS3. However, it’s still a good if cutscene-crowded RPG with a combat system reliant on where characters stand to dictate available moves.

The plot takes place in the dying mind of the classical composer Chopin. Eternal Sonata happens to be an incredibly unique RPG for its blend of combat and musical motif.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Anyone that has been taking advantage of the Games With Gold promotions since day one should want this to join the backwards compatibility program. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition was offered for free in June of 2014 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Games With Gold program. This Street Fighter boasts a whopping 39 characters, most of which have their own style. When it comes to fighting game goodness, it’s hard to not go with a Hadoken.

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Of any game on this list, this collection is the one I believe to be least likely to make it to backwards compatibility. That having been said, it’d be amazing if it did. In one copy, you’ll find HD versions of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

That’s an awful lot of stealth-happy gameplay to be had. Unfortunately, with the recent turmoil at Konami, it’s anyone’s guess on if they will permit these titles to join the backwards compatibility program.

There you have it, my top 10 choices for what should join the backwards compatibility program for the Xbox One. Think we will see any of these or are there others that you can’t wait to see more? Tell me about it in the comments!

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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