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E3 2017

What PlayStation Needs for a Great E3 2017

Sony’s PlayStation brand is coming off one of its most important years since the launch of the PS4.

In the last year alone, 3 new pieces of hardware were released in the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PSVR Headset. With the PS4 Pro essentially ushering in the age of the mid-life cycle upgrade as well as 4K and HDR gaming, it has become a new milestone for console gaming as a whole. Software also saw two remarkable achievements in Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn along with the release of the not-quite-as-successful The Last Guardian.

Despite all of this good news, the PlayStation faithful also saw the price of PS Plus increase by $10 for a year subscription and receive nothing new in return. Can PlayStation keep up its overall good momentum? Signs point to a very healthy yes.

Here are some ideas PlayStation can follow to ensure it has a great E3 conference.

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Software galore

Since Sony released three different kinds of hardware in 2016, expect Playstation’s 2017 conference to be all about the software. Chances are plenty of first-party titles will be showcased, and potentially with dates for the holiday season.

God of War, Spider-Man, and Days Gone are all likely to get stage demos as well. Other titles such as Detroit: Become Human and Final Fantasy VII HD may not make appearances at all, but if they do, expect little more then progress reports.

Still, though, the conference will largely be about software this time around.

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New perks for PS Plus

As I mentioned earlier, Sony increased the subscription price of PS Plus, however, fans didn’t receive anything new to go along with that increase.

PlayStation can repair what bad press it received from that very decision by introducing a new incentive for Plus subscribers. I’m not going to pretend as if I know what that new incentive should be, but new benefits will always be accepted by users and would be very welcome.

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Improvements to PS Now

PlayStation Now is a streaming service that allows players on PS4 and Windows PCs to play a selection of PS3 titles. Welcome improvements to this popular service would be to include a price decrease to the service, or as promised, to begin offering PS4 games, which could arrive sooner than later following recent beta tests earlier this year.

As it stands, there’s already a decent selection of over 450 titles available to stream. Since Xbox launched backwards compatibility, keeping Now in the minds of gamers is paramount to combating their service.

Combat against Scorpio

Speaking of combat, nothing needs more combating then Project Scorpio from Xbox. While we still know little about it release date or price, Scorpio’s specs show that the mid-cycle console will overpower the PS4 Pro significantly.

It is in Sony’s best interest to find a new way to compete or else they risk Microsoft and Xbox having a tech advantage. Don’t expect this to be a new hardware revision though, but perhaps the introduction of a new feature or service.

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Don’t let the PSVR become the next Vita

While I can’t speak for it myself, anyone I know that has tried VR has fallen in love with it. At this E3, PlayStation has the chance to let PSVR shine.

Oculus has already announced that it won’t have a booth at this year’s show. That decision leaves PSVR as the most widely known headset at the show and PlayStation should take advantage of that by showing immense support for it during its conference.

Make the right choices to ensure the PSVR isn’t remembered the same way Sony’s PS Vita is, and the headset should thrive.

There you have it, five keys to success that will ensure a solid E3 outing from PlayStation. We will find out if they follow any of these ideas when their conference airs on Monday, June 12th at 5 PM Pacific, or midnight GMT.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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