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E3 2017

What Xbox Needs for a Great E3 2017

What Xbox Needs for a Great E3 2017

Xbox has a lot going for itself as a brand right now. Under the changed leadership of Phil Spencer, the Xbox One has become a very different beast from where it was when the console first launched. New services like EA Access and Xbox Game Pass bring more games to players while being relatively cheap along with a strong focus on bringing fan-favorite features to bear like backwards compatibility, Look For Group, and soon Arena. Even so, this is the most important E3 show for Xbox since 2013.

Here’s what they need to really win it all and have a great Xbox E3 2017.

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Show and don’t tell

This will be the first time we get to see what the power of Scorpio will bring to the platform. We already know of Scorpio’s specs, and that its hardware is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro. That being said, it’ll be more powerful now if they simply show gamers what Scorpio can do rather then talk about its capabilities. Show us how silky smooth games like Star Wars Battlefront II look in 4K with HDR on, and the players will come.

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Beef up and diversify First Party Titles

The loss of Scalebound to the Xbox One library is still hurting, but Xbox can recover with a diversified group of classic and new IP. We already know that a new Halo game won’t be shown, but count on a new entry in Forza Motorsport to follow the trend of the last few years. Rare is expected to showcase Sea of Thieves again, while State of Decay 2 is expected to be dated and demonstrated and it is expected that we will finally see something solid from Crackdown 3. Even so, that’s only three titles.

Whether Xbox makes a deal with a separate publisher like with Rise of The Tomb Raider or surprises us with all-new IP, Xbox currently has the weakest first-party lineup.

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Indie titles will only take you far

ID@Xbox has seen phenomenal success as a platform for indie development on Xbox One and now Windows 10. Highlighting truly great indie titles that will hit the platforms first or exclusively will go a long way.

Titles such as Inside, Flinthook, and Stardew Valley appeared in last year’s conference. Additionally, announce firm dates for both Cuphead and Below. Cuphead has been making appearances at E3 over the last three years while Below was first announced alongside the Xbox One console in 2013. The point is, make sure indies are showcased once again, but maybe with some solid release dates this time around.

Blow us away with a VR experience

Lately, it seems every company wants a piece of the VR pie. It would be a mistake for Xbox to not want to go after that in some capacity, especially with PSVR already gathering a good list of exclusive experiences. Whether Xbox utilizes existing technology like Oculus or presents a new piece of tech, it has to blow people away. Microsoft needs to create excitement that an Xbox VR experience is better than what has come before. It’s not an easy task, but the right game can make all the difference.

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Push into Windows 10

Also last year, Xbox announced the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, where players can purchase a digital version of select Xbox One or Windows 10 titles and get the other version for free. So far, twelve titles are included in the program with eight more having been announced. To be successful, this program should expand to include more third-parties and ideally past titles as well. Along with this, more games enabling multiplayer between PC and Xbox One gamers would be welcome too.

These are only a few of the things that Xbox can do to win E3, but overall it should also remember to listen to its fans. Doing so has served it well in the last couple of years. But is there something more that they can do in six days? Let us know in the comments! Xbox’s E3 Media Briefing will take place on Sunday, June 11th at 21:00 GMT.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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