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Mafia III: 5 Details You Might Not Know


Mafia III: 5 Details You Might Not Know

Mafia III finally has an official release date after Hangar 13 and 2K Games announced the third installment in the popular gangster series will launch October 7th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Players take on the role of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran on a quest to build a new crime organization to confront the Italian mob inside the fictional City of New Bordeaux (New Orleans). Mafia III features a wide open game world with plenty of activities and missions for players to partake in. Following on from yesterday’s big announcement we have learned more information about the kinds of things players can expect when Mafia III launches in October. Below are five details you may not know about the hotly anticipated game.


The Different Districts of New Bordeaux: 

Mafia III takes place in 1968 in the fictional City of New Bordeaux, based on New Orleans. New Bordeaux is separated into nine different districts, each with their own lighting, architecture, and atmosphere. The different districts will range from industrialized areas, shipyards, bayou or swamplands as well as poverty ridden and higher end districts. There will be an obvious difference between the poor and the rich in regards to how the police treat the residents with race and power playing a pivotal role in Mafia III.

Each district will offer its own unique side activities and crime rackets, with three different lieutenants to assign to each one that work underneath. Mafia III’s Bayou area will contain hidden treasures and items and have its own Moonshine related rackets which you can eventually destroy, players will also run into extortion rackets throughout the open world such as the illegal seizing of gasoline and construction materials as well as prostitution rings.

Branched storyline based entirely on player choice: 

Mafia III is set in an open world where certain missions can be tackled in any order players like. In Mafia II, players decide who lives and who dies with each choice sculpting the way the story plays out. Players can approach each individual mission in a variety of ways with Cassandra available for a more stealth minded approach while the option to bust in the front door and go all guns a blazing is available. A branched storyline based on decisions made throughout certainly makes Mafia III an exciting prospect.

Interactions with Vito, Cassandra and Burke will affect the story and missions and will even affect the ending of the main storyline.


Vito, Cassandra and Burke: 

Lincoln Clay will have three lieutenants that work directly underneath him in Vito, Cassandra, and Burke. Vito Scaletta should sound very familiar to fans of Mafia II; where he was one of the games protagonists. Vito is now residing in New Bordeaux with the role reprised again by Rick Pasqualone. Players will be able to offer up acquired safe houses to the individual lieutenants while also being tasked with maintaining a balance between each lieutenant. Seeming to favour one lieutenant over another will more than likely piss off the other members of the outfit which could hinder relationships in the long run.

Giving control to a certain member of the outfit will in turn offer players a variety of different perks with Burke offering players more backup in combat as well as underlings that will aid players through missions and activities. Vito will hand players better guns and better protective armor while Cassandra can prevent enemy reinforcements appearing by cutting phone lines. Players will be able to call in favours with each lieutenant from the weapon wheel, which can be accessed very early in the game these favours can range from bribing police and hit squads.


Wiretaps and Interrogation: 

Lincoln will also be able to perform wiretaps throughout Mafia III which can give the player vital insight into potential informants; who in-turn can be interrogated personally by the protagonist. While interrogating in Mafia III can be one of the more violent ways of obtaining vital information from informants the technique also has major advantages, leading players to gain information regarding how to tackle specific missions thus making them easier to complete.

Lieutenant Skill Trees: 

Vito, Cassandra, and Burke aren’t your usual run of the mill mindless A.I. Each individual lieutenant comes equipped with their own unique skill trees for players to work through and unlock in Mafia III. However, it will not be possible through a single playthrough of Mafia III to fully max out all three characters separate skill tree’s, leaving players to make tough decisions based on their wants and needs throughout the game. The decision to cut off certain perks from lieutenants trees as players try to balance out each character should offer a good amount of replayability when the games campaign is finished.


Additional information

Players will be able to use one of the many powerful muscle cars to navigate New Bordeaux with plenty of upgrades available for each vehicle through the use of Burke. Mafia III will also offer up a large amount of high quality licensed music to listen to as players cruise throughout the gorgeously designed City.

Mafia III is available October 7 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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