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What’s Everyone Been Playing? – June 2016

Well. The plan was to do this whole Steam Stats feature on the last day of each month, but I was convinced that 31 days hath June. Apologies for the delay on this much-awaited article, loyal fans. As usual, we’ll only be focusing on the Steam releases, because they’re gracious enough to give us easy access to their stats.

It should come as no surprise at this point that Dota 2 and CS:GO by far dominate the first two positions. The surprise is at number 3 where we have Sid Meier’s Civilization V. While it usually sits comfortably among the top 10, the recent Steam Sale and 75% price drop must have rekindled interest in the title, while ARK: Survival Evolved’s frequent updates must have helped its ascension to top 4. And while I’m not one to make baseless speculation, I’m almost positive that Team Fortress 2‘s fall to #5 is in no small part due to the meteoric rise of Overwatch.

The following 5 positions show little change aside from the few switches some titles made with the top 5 the past month. Garry‘s Mod and GTA V are still there, joined by Rocket League and Football Manager 2016 down from #5 last month. And with the European Cup underway, no less.


The 11-25 bracket is, as usual, dominated by single player titles such as SkyrimFallout 4 and Witcher 3. Total War: WARHAMMER’s honeymoon period seems to have ended, it stabilizing at #18, down from 3 last month. We also have a couple of survival/crafting titles represented by Rust and DayZ, and a seemingly significant surge in Payday 2 playerbase, probably because they’ve decided to finally do away with their unpopular microtransactions.

Next up, The Division seems to be plummeting with each month, this time sitting at #45, still stubbornly beneath Tree of Savior (English ver.) and Dark Souls III falls to #37 as people have probably either beat it by now or just quit entirely.

Not much left to report in the 55-99 bracket other that people are still playing the original Dark Souls (even I stopped by for a few hours recently) and Fallout: New Vegas. And, of course, nearly every single Total War title, as is fashionable whenever a new installment comes out. Battleborn is still missing from the list and it only makes me sad.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about these numbers? What have you been playing this month? Tell us in the comments and we’ll see you next month.

Paul is mainly a PC Gamer with an affinity for interesting or unique gameplay styles or mechanics. He prefers a good story and engaging gameplay over polygons, and frame rates. He’s also going to make a game one day, just you watch. Just as soon as he gets some time. Any day now.


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