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Blue Estate Interview with Viktor Kalvachev

When Blue Estate hits the Store for the Xbox One on the 18th of February it will bring with it all of the action, laughs and mayhem from the books. The game is a rail shooter that makes brilliant use of the Kinect’s Motion Tracking feature and brings a very classic old school arcade vibe with it. If like me, you remember visiting an Arcade Shop as a little kid and paying money to use a simulated gun to shoot down a load of bad guys and having a lot of fun while your pocket empties then this game is definitely for you.

We interviewed Viktor Kalvachev, the man behind the books about how it turned from a Graphic Novel into an amazing on screen shooter.

Ed: Welcome Viktor. PressA2Join have been playing the game and have had a lot of fun throughout but for the Xbox gamers out there who haven’t yet heard about Blue Estate could you tell them a little bit about the game?

Viktor Kalvachev: Blue Estate is an on-rail shooter designed for Kinect, but could also be played with the pad. It is based on the universe of the comic book of the same name, but it’s not directly linked to the story. When playing with Kinect, you use one hand to aim and (automatically) shoot and the other one for all the action gestures. There are two playable characters over 7 levels + an arcade survival mode which is unlocked every time you complete a level. We have a local co-op mode which can be VS or friendly, depends on how you want to play it. The online leaderboards show where you stand amongst the rest of the players and how well have you been doing on your collectables and badges.

If you expect a deep story with plots, character developments, twist and drama – get the book. The graphic novel is available on Amazon and has “The Art of Blue Estate the Game” in the back with a ton of cool never before seen material.

If you want to sit back, relax and simply have fun, then play the game. We’ve tried our best to keep you entertained and surprised throughout the entire run.


Ed: Where did your inspiration come from when creating the comics?

VK: From the movies of Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and Elmore Leonard. I love how they put seriously dangerous men in seriously ridiculous situations.

ED: What made you decide to take Blue Estate into the Games industry?

VK: My partners felt it will make a great game and managed to convince me it will work. When they got the initial funding it became clear I need to move to Paris, France to be a part of the team. Once I met the team and saw the ninjas I’ll be working with I was totally on board! Best team ever!

ED: How much involvement if any did Kosta Yanev have in the making of the game?

VK: Not as much as in the book.

ED: How happy are you with the way the game came out?

VK: I am very happy and amazed what we managed to pull off with such a small team. Everyone did their part perfectly. I wasn’t expecting we’ll be able to pull off the quality of the visuals as well as we did. We had no resources for extra shaders and engineering power to support us. Everything you see in the game is bare bones Unreal 3 without any special touches to lighting, shaders etc. The engineers were busy making sure the controls are spot one and we use the latest technology from Microsoft the best way possible.


Ed: How does it feel to have the series and characters you created brought to life in the form of a game?

VK: A bit surreal and really, really great!

Ed: The characters and settings are very Tarantino like, are you a fan?

VK: A BIG one! Of him, and of Guy Ritchie!

Ed: Do you feel that more comic/graphic novels should be made into games?

VK: Turning a story into game is a tricky thing. One is made for passively observing, the other is for interaction and play. Having both at the same time starts to ramp up the budgets pretty quick and makes the project a lot riskier. It’s why in Blue Estate the game we did a story that is only there to serve the gameplay and allow whatever comes to mind to be thrown in there at any time 🙂

Ed: Whats next for Blue Estate?

VK: I can’t say yet 🙂


Ed: Have you tried the game using the Xbox One’s Kinect feature and do you feel it makes the game a more fun experience?

VK: I prefer to play it with Kinect! It’s really intuitive and easy to use. Plus, we promise that with our game you are not going to burn a single extra calorie. Simply sit down and point your hand at the screen to shoot. For the players who don’t have Kinect it’s still a fun experience with the pad.

Ed: Are you a gamer yourself, if so is there any particular game you’re fond of?

VK: Yes. Too many games that I like, but here are some of the all-time favorite – Dark Forces; Max Payne; Battlefield; Tetris; the last Tomb Raider. Currently enjoying IDARB and Life is Strange.

Ed: Thank you Viktor taking the time to chat with us.

Blue Estate will be available on the Xbox Store from the 18th of February, be sure to check it out and look out for our review on the 18th. Click HERE to check out the Blue Estate official website.


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