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Sleepers Interview

Bruno Cesteiro of Camel 101 took the time to chat with us about their upcoming Survival Horror title Sleepers, which is due for release in 2016

PA2J: Sleepers is a Survival Horror game set in the future aboard a Spaceship, can you tell us a little about the story and the environment?

The game takes place inside a pioneer spaceship that was undergoing a regular trip to its destination. During long journeys as this one, it’s usual for the ship to maintain a rotating skeleton crew, while the rest of the personnel is on cryosleep.

The main character wakes up during this journey, and quickly finds out that something has gone horribly wrong while he was asleep. Most of the crew is dead, while others have been transformed into aggressive monstrosities.

There are also a few survivors on the ship, but they have different versions about what happened.

PA2J: The game is Camel 101’s first attempt at Survival Horror, was it something you’d been wanting to make for a long time?

We’ve always wanted to do a first person view game. We actually worked on one in 2006 – a sci fi shooter called Vatan – but eventually cancelled the project and moved on to other genres. After all these years, we now have the means and the technology to do it. And since we’re sci-fi and horror nerds, it came naturally to combine the two.

Our last two projects were strategy games, which is a whole different thing. In terms of development, it’s extremely gratifying for us now to be able to focus on details and effects that we obviously couldn’t do in strategy games. Story wise, we can focus much more on character development and interactions, since the game is focused on one person.

PA2J: You drew inspiration from the likes of Dead Space, which has a very claustrophobic feel to it, is that something you wanted to drive home to players with Sleepers?

The confined area of an isolated spaceship full of dead bodies and horrible monstrosities is claustrophobic by itself. But the ship will also be a living testament of what happened: by reading personal logs, computer entries and journals, the player will be able to find out what happened with the crew.

Adding all the pieces of the puzzle will help increase the tension as the player unravels the horrifying truth about this catastrophic event.

So yes, that’s definitely what we want to achieve.

PA2J: Can you tell us a little about the enemies encountered throughout the game and the kind of damage they can cause?

Most of the enemies are members of the crew that were “changed” by something. They have metal limbs like blades and saws, and will attack the player on sight. There are also robots that once had specific roles on the ship, but there are now highly aggressive and whose sole purpose is now to kill any living being.

Both will follow the player and attack him on close range.

Some parts of the ship also have automated defense turrets that will fire when anything gets on their sights.


PA2J: Players can interact with an array of different objects found aboard the Spaceship, what kind of objects can be used to help players defend themselves and will there be any crafting involved?

We want the player to feel trapped, but not completely helpless. That means he’ll have access to weapons. But we don’t want the player to be able to just kill everything he sees, so ammo will be very limited. The player can also interact with consoles that will open or close doors and other mechanisms, throw objects to create distractions (noise attracts the enemy), and hack computers.

We have no crafting planned at this time.

PA2J: How much of a part will stealth play in helping you to survive the game and do you feel it’s better to be more silent throughout Sleepers?

Stealth will play a very important role in the game. Many times the enemy will be numerous, and it will be impossible to fight against a whole group coming from all sides.

Instead of attacking with guns blazing, the player can hide behind crates or barrels, create noise distractions or even hide inside closets. Ammunition should be spared for situations where it will be really needed.

PA2J: Oculus Rift is available for players of Sleepers, how do you think this will add to the feel of the game?

Oculus will bring a whole level of immersion to the game. We want the players to feel the despair of being trapped in that horrible situation. Virtual reality is the next step to achieve it. We believe this game will be a superb experience with Oculus.


PA2J: Do you have any future plans to bring Sleepers to the consoles?

We plan to bring the game to Xbox One and PS4.

Huge thanks to Bruno for taking the time to chat with us!

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