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Over 18 Million Zombies smashed during Dying Light Buggy Frenzy weekend

This past weekend, Dying Light developers, Techland, threw down a challenge to players cruising the fields of The Following, to kill 5 Million Zombies in game by splattering their undead corpses with your buggy. Today the polish developers released the final total for the number of Zombies roadkilled throughout the blood-splattered weekend in the countryside of Harran. In total 18,166, 973 Zombies were met the full force of the recently introduced vehicles, completely obliterating the intended target, thus unlocking the Gold Paint Job for each buggy. Techland were so impressed they released the following,

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]As a thank you for going above and beyond, we added and released a second rare buggy skin to be given away along with the original.[/box]


The infographic below shows that of the 18+ million kills over the course of the weekend almost half (47.2%) came from PlayStation 4 players with 24.8% coming via PC players and 28% from Xbox One players. One individual managed a whooping 20,001 Zombies while users averaged 194 kills.


Impressive stats from PlayStation players.

Dying Light: The Following is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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