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Arne Meyer: “Bluepoint Passed up on Other AAA Projects” to Remaster Uncharted Series

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Arne Meyer: “Bluepoint Passed up on Other AAA Projects” to Remaster Uncharted Series

With Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection now out in North America for the PS4, Naughty Dogs PR and Social Media go-to guy Arne Meyer appeared on Game Trailers Twitch channel to discuss all things Uncharted.

Meyer spoke in great detail about the process of remastering the series and how the developer chose Bluepoint Games for the job. Bluepoints recent work includes Metal Gear Solid HD and The God Of War collection, with Gravity Rush Remastered for the PS4, the studio’s next project.

While discussing the process of remastering the Nathan Drake Collection, Meyer had the following to say:

Arne Meyer:With Naughty Dog, we had a developer out of Austin, Texas called Bluepoint, who worked on remastering the collection for us and so for us it was giving them source code, giving them assets, giving them help, trying to find lost files. I saw a few people at the studio having some of the Uncharted stuff up on their screens, so they were probably working on helping them out with some of the shaders and stuff like that, because we have a lot of things that work very well inside of the studio and once we send it out for people to create, I mean we’ve had people try to create CGI trailers and stuff like that, it just doesn’t work. Everything kind of has to stay in-house because everything is perfect.

The way that our shaders are rigged to everything, the way that our tools work, it’s very hard for someone to take that out of house and end up with the same results we do inside the studio, especially if they are using different tools, it won’t look the same at the end of the day.”

Uncharted Comparison

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Arne was then asked the following question:

GT: Bluepoint is the best in the business, when you’re doing an HD Remaster do you go to them or do they come to you? How does that relationship work?, I’d imagine they’re pretty busy.

Arne Meyer:I think they’re pretty busy, I think people probably reach out to them a lot. In this case, this was sort of like love at first sight for both of us, they really love the Uncharted series. We thought they were really great as we’re trying to find who could do the remastered series, we worked with Mass Media on the Jak HD Series, Bluepoint are obviously people we know that do this.

Bluepoint really played the Uncharted games, they really love the Uncharted games, so when they came up with a proposal, they blew us away with what they wanted to do, they were really ambitious, they were like “We’re not going to do a remaster, we want to do all of these fixes, we’ve read all of the stuff the community said about the game, we want to do all of these different things and add these new modes in” and they actually held off on doing some projects, in hope that we would actually select them for it, so they passed up on other AAA projects, which they never told me about, one of these days, after a few beers we’ll find out, so it really worked out that that we both thought it would be a great partner and it just happened to work out, but it took a little time.”

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection

He was then asked,

How inevitable is a collection like this, I mean it’s console exclusive, you have Uncharted 4 coming out, there seems so many reasons why this would be a no-brainer though it’s never really a sure thing, was this a sure thing?

Arne Meyer: It’s something we’ve been talking about for a really long time before we really got running on the whole process. We actually started talking about potentially putting a collection together before Last Of Us Remastered was even a possibility, so somewhere towards the end of completing The Last Of Us, so we’ve been talking about this for a while I think. The Last Of Us Remastered and the success behind that and the fact that we’d heard and Shuhei (Shuhei Yoshida, President Of Sony’s Worldwide Studios) talked about this a couple weeks ago that 50% of people on the Playstation 4, never had a Playstation 3 is a huge number, so it’s like, you know it’s a lot of people that never got to play Uncharted, never got to experience all of the games, so why not give it to them.

I know I’ve been to PAX and other fan conventions and people have asked me “Are you going to release this on PC or Xbox?” Which is always funny and awkward at the same time to explain that we’re not. But that’s because people have heard about the game but not had the chance to play it, so for us, it was an opportunity to do that, it works really well leading up to Uncharted 4. We got this great narrative arc so why not do it.”

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is now available for the Playstation 4 in North America with a release on the 9th of October for Europe at £49.99 from the PlayStation Store.

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