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Would You Buy An Official Xbox Onesie?

Microsoft has announced an offical branded Xbox Onesie, which happens to be perfect to lounging around as you indulge yourself in whatever media that happens to be available on your Xbox One at the time.

The Xbox Onesie features two large pockets, which appear to be designed for the sole purpose of holding your Xbox One controller as you crawl yourself toward the kitchen for some cold, left-over pizza, and holding your TV remote. Really though, can we please talk about how annoying it is when you take a quick visit to the kitchen for a snack and came back with no idea where you actually left your controller? Is it in another dimension? Did someone steal it? It’s probably just under the couch…

Microsoft is even allowing you to somewhat customise your Xbox Onesie with your personalised Gamertag printed on it. In case you ever forget, I guess.

So far, the Xbox Onesie is only available in Australia, the last place to ever need warm clothing.

You can click here to see multiple images of non-pizza-stained models wearing the Xbox Onesie.


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