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Celebrate 15 Years of KillZone with Visual Design Art Book

Cook&Becker are at it again, the next-gen digital artists known for great pieces of video game artwork have announced the KillZone Visual Design Art Book. Previous artwork from Cook&Becker includes Last of Us, Destiny, Okami, Journey and Mass Effect and now they have entered the world of art books.

The Killzone Visual Design Art Book Celebrates fifteen years of Killzone with the first comprehensive overview of the visual development of the million-selling Killzone video game series. With unlimited access to the image archives of game studio Guerrilla and the people involved in making Killzone, compilers Cook & Becker and Arjan Terpstra unearthed images and stories from fifteen years of unique visual design.


The KillZone Visual Design Book come in two forms, special Limited Edition and an open edition Standard Hardcover, the inside of both books are identical.

About the Collector’s Edition

Black-edged, soft-touch hardcover
Limited to a 1.000 hand-signed copies.
Includes hand-numbered Killzone concept art giclee print “Stahl Arms”(30 x 23 cm Certified Art Giclee? printed on 270 gsm. Radiant White using archival inks).
Comes in a luxury box.
208 pages
Full Color
English Language

Those interested in picking up a KillZone Visul Design Art Book can do so HERE.

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