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Console Exclusive ‘Perfect Universe’ Heading to PlayStation 4 May 17th

After receiving 100% positive reviews since its launch on Steam, publishers, Excalibur has today announced a May 17th release date for PlayStation 4 console exclusive, Perfect Universe. The PlayStation 4 digital version will be available worldwide for £7.99/$9.99, with a boxed retail version of the game available May 20th.

Perfect Universe is a collection of nine challenging games,  all with crazy physics using the gravitational pull of varying strength.


Featuring both a single-player mode, as well as supporting up to four players online, Perfect Universe is developed by Will Sykes, whose previous works includes Project Cars, Project Gotham Racing 4 and Crackdown, however, Perfect Universe is a game that has been in his imagination for a long time and the full launch of the PlayStation 4 version is a realisation of that dream.

“I really wanted to build a game that’s fun to play but also different –it’s easy to learn but hard to master due to these random gravity factors. The unpredictable force of the gravity means that if you time it just right, for example in one game, you can glide from planet to planet. It is both frustrating and addictive to play.”

Perfect Universe is available May 17th, 2016 on PlayStation 4.

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