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Dark Souls-Like RPG Code Vein Gets Customisation, Companion and Combat Details

Image Credit: Forbes

Dark Souls-Like RPG Code Vein Gets Customisation, Companion and Combat Details

Bandai Namco has revealed more gameplay details for its upcoming Dark Souls-like action RPG Code Vein.

From the latest news, we learn that Code Vein will feature customisation options with players able to create their own protagonist by choosing between gender, altering both body shape, hairstyle and character voice. The developer also shared details on two of the game’s companions – Louis, a young leader who aids Revenants suffering from bloodlust and Io, a helpful lady Revenant who suffers from memory loss on hand to aid players in escaping the world of Vein.

Code Vein‘s battle system boasts multiple facets for the player to exploit starting with a gift system that allows players the opportunity to use up to 8 gifts during any battle, which in-turn grants the character a temporary increase in either attack of defence. Gifts can be obtained from special items and gear found throughout Vein. Code Vein‘s combat will be stamina-based with the player able to perform a special drain by successfully parrying an enemy’s attack. The focus system essentially acts as a short term ability boost that can be used to dodge multiple enemy attacks, giving players a slight edge when surrounded by groups of enemies. Lastly, the player can rely on companions for support in battle with healing and combat support available when health becomes too low or the player finds themselves overwhelmed in tense fought battles.

A vampire themed action-RPG that draws gameplay comparisons with another of Bandai’s popular series’ – Dark Souls, Code Vein tells the story of a Revenant, who is trying to escape the world of Vein, a land ruled by vampires.

Code Vein is slated to release in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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