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‘Dead Rising 4’ Potentially Leaked Ahead Of E3 2016 As Images And Poster Emerge

A leaked poster for Capcom’s yet to be announced ‘Dead Rising 4’ has surfaced online today, ahead of E3 2016. Reported by This Gen Gaming, the leaked images show a character eerily similar in stature to that of Dead Rising protagonist Frank West, surrounded by a snowy location.

An earlier report by Kotaku suggested that the game would take place during the Christmas holidays in Willamette, Colorado – Dead Rising’s original setting.




A potential reveal for the latest title in the survival horror series at Microsoft’s E3 2016 briefing also appeared to suggest that Capcom may have a relationship with Microsoft regarding the game, which might possibly lead to Dead Rising 4 becoming a Xbox One exclusive.

Dead Rising 3 originally launched as a Xbox One Exclusive, before arriving on the PC at a later date. There has also been talk online that Dead Rising 4 could, in fact, be a remake of the original 2006 title.

Source: This Gen Gaming

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