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DOOM Open Beta Announced for April, Post Launch Content revealed

Bethesda has announced an Open Beta for DOOM that will run from 15-18 April for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Open Beta will not require a code with players able to download the free beta from the platform of their choice with access to both Team Deathmatch and Warpath across the Heatwave and Infernal maps.

The maps and modes included in the Open Beta are just a small taste of what players will be able to experience when the game officially launches May 13, 2016, on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


Bethesda also revealed their plans to continue to support DOOM once the game officially launches next month with plans to provide certain free content updates across Snapmap and Multiplayer for the next year.

We know the DOOM community has always been about great user-generated content, and that’s something we want to continue to encourage with SnapMap, an innovative new component of DOOM designed to make creating, sharing and playing new game experiences fast and easy. On top of being able to access and play new modes and maps created by fellow gamers, id plans to offer content updates for SnapMap, including map modules; props and objects; additional features and functionality; AI enhancements; editing tool enhancements and more. Multiplayer will also receive content updates in the form of new game modes. Both of these SnapMap and multiplayer updates will be free to use and play.

Bethesda will also be releasing three premium multiplayer DLC packs post launch, with players receiving a number of new maps, hack modules, playable demons, weapons and more. The first DOOM DLC will be available this summer and will give players access to:

  • Three new maps
  • One new weapon
  • One new playable demon
  • One new armour set
  • One new piece of equipment
  • New hack modules and taunts
  • New customization colours and patterns

Each DLC pack will cost $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99, or you can get them all at a discount with the Season Pass for $39.99 / £29.99 / €39.99. Check your preferred retailer to pre-order the DOOM Season Pass.

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