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EVOLVE Will Soon Be Free To Play on Xbox One and PS4; PC Beta Rolls Out Today

As expected from earlier reports, Turtle Rock Studio has announced that its monster slaying 4v1 first person shooter title Evolve will become free-to-play as a PC beta starting today, with free versions of the game coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 once the studio is satisfied with the PC version.

So what happens now regarding the four-versus-one shooter?, well the changes coming to Evolve don’t simply end there. While Evolve is becoming essentially a free-to-play game the developer confirmed through a blog post that the game will receive a “vigorous overhaul” which will improve many existing issues with the current format. Its Hunter Class will be rebalanced, it’s maps and user interface will be improved, many existing bugs will be fixed and load times improved, additionally, Turtle Rock are completely reworking Evolves progression system and tutorials as well as introducing new customisation options.

Co-Founders of Turtle Rock, Chris Ashton and Phil Robb admitted that studios handling of Evolve’s was nothing short of a “shitstorm”, before stating that the way in which Evolve’s DLC was released had “washed away people’s enthusiasm”, something the studio hopes to get back.

But what of the players who had already forked out for Evolve or its Season Pass?

Well, players who had previously purchased Evolve will be given “Founder” status in the new free version, with all owned content coming across to the new version. While players who have yet to pay for the games DLC will have the opportunity to earn the DLC by simply playing the free version of the game.

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