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Fallout 4 Survival Mode Detailed, Beta now open on Steam


Fallout 4 Survival Mode Detailed, Beta now open on Steam

Bethesda has today launched Fallout 4’s Survival Mode Beta onto Steam, the publisher has also detailed various aspects of the gruelling new mode. Survival Mode will turn The Commonwealth into an even more hazardous environment than previous encounters, a mode where every decision you make could be vital to your very existence.

Wish to save your game with sleep? Forget it! Manual and Quick Saving are disabled with Auto-Saves few and far between. In fact, in order to save your game progress, players will need to locate a bed and sleep in it for at least one hour. Want to fast travel to an already discovered area? Well, that’s out too… It’s time to strap on your walking boots because from here on out you’ll be using the age-old technique of travel via foot. With no form of fast travel available to players, more time will be spent wandering the environment of the Commonwealth where danger lurks around every corner. Players won’t even know dangers exist unless they are added by a Recon scope, threats will no longer appear as red marks on your compass making life significantly more difficult when out exploring.


In a blog post, Bethesda revealed details on Fallout 4’s Survival Mode which they hope will force players into making interesting choices. The publisher also cited Dark Souls as an inspiration behind the creation of pillars – four systems that push against each other with Strategy, Resource Management, Exploration and Role Playing.

Survival Mode is something many of us realized we wanted to experiment with once we had spent quality time playtesting Fallout 4 toward the end of its development. At launch, we discovered many of you wanted the same thing. So how did these changes come about?

Two of our designers, Josh Hamrick and Jon Paul Duvall, used our internal Game Jam to visualize what an overhauled Survival Mode might look like in Fallout 4. Thanks to their Game Jam success, we then added several programmers, and they built out many of the ideas we’d all been setting aside while playtesting.

Players looking to access the Fallout 4 Survival Mode beta, should locate the update in the game’s settings options. Bethesda are keen for feedback during the Beta to help them refine the experience, if you want to share your views with them you can do that by following this link.

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