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Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus DLC Out Today Offers Players a New Story and Perspective

The world of Final Fantasy XV just got a little bigger with the introduction of a character focused DLC titled Episode Gladiolus.

For the first time since Final Fantasy XV‘s release, players will trade the play style of Noctis for an episode played from the perspective of the Crown Prince’s trusted sidekick Gladiolus, a character who utilises a completely different style of gameplay to Noctis; focusing on defence, blocking and counter attacks.

Episode Gladiolus focuses on a new story told from the perspective of Gladiolus, uncovering the events after the character left the party during the games main storyline.

As Gladiolus, players will be able to access previously inaccessible parts of Eos that are now open for exploration with special items carried over from the main game. Those who complete the additional storyline will be treated to two brand new gameplay modes with Score Attack and Final Trial available to players upon completing the episode.

Final Fantasy XV‘s Episode Gladiolus DLC is available today as a standalone package through the Xbox Games Store and PS Store, with those who own the Season Pass automatically granted access to the DLC.

Publisher Square Enix also released a free game update that adds cutscenes that enhance the Chapter 13 story experience, two different playable Chapter 13 routes for players to choose from, and more powerful ring magic, and opens up additional areas to explore in the game.

Paula has been a passionate gamer since she spent hours playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro during her childhood. She is a huge fan of RPGs and loses hundreds of hours searching for every sidequest. Not one for missing out, she games on both XB1 & PS4.


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