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The Other 99


First Person survival game “The Other 99” coming to Xbox One, PS4 & PC

Startup studio Burning Arrow Ltd are teaming up with the developers behind Lords of the Fallen (Deck13) to release their first person survival adventure game “The Other 99” on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC starting with an Early Access release in July.

The first gameplay footage for the game is now on Steam and can also be viewed via the trailer below.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Jan Klose (Managing Director, Deck13): “We’re very happy that our publishing branch, Deck13 Games, is taking off, and that we’ve earned the trust of the talented people at Burning Arrow. We’ll help them to reach a big audience with their unique and creative game.”

Thomas Brown (Co-owner, Burning Arrow): “We are very excited about our debut title, The Other 99, and are thankful to Deck13 for spotting its potential. We look forward to their continued support and can’t wait to bring out more information in the coming months.”[/box]

The Other 99
The concept is actually quite interesting in The Other 99, as players find themselves on an island with nothing but a note which reads, “the only way off the island is through the other 99.” Each enemy NPC is just as desperate to survive as you, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal…. The game features brutal visceral combat, story driven exploration and stealth elements. Definitely sounds like a game to watch out for.

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