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Full Scale Final Fantasy Game Announced for Mobile Platforms

Square Enix today announced that the company would be releasing a full sized Final Fantasy title, exclusive to mobile platforms.

The games title is going to be Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and has already garnered more than six million players across Japan. The game features classic Final Fantasy lore with legendary heroes from the series past.

The story will follow two knights from the kingdom of Grandshalt, as well as a young girl who mysteriously appears before the two. Featuring high-quality CG animation of classic Final Fantasy summons. Players are able to move their character through dungeons and fields as if they were playing a classic Final Fantasy title on a console.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is set to be released later this year with a playable demo available at E3 at the Square Enix booth. As of today, players are able to pre-register for the game online

Full Movement game play

Full Movement gameplay

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