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Ghost Theory Kickstarter campaign almost 50% funded

Ghost Theory


Ghost Theory Kickstarter campaign almost 50% funded

We recently had an interview with Dreadlocks, the developers behind Ghost Theory, a promising investigative VR horror title that’s currently on its second Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has almost reached the halfway mark with 15 days to go. Almost a thousand backers have raised £23.361 of the £50,000 needed. Whether the game succeeds or not is a mystery but the developers have stated that this second campaign will be the last hope for Ghost Theory.

This campaign decides the fate of this project once and for all. Dreadlocks are seasoned game developers, so even if Ghost Theory fails again, most of us (if not all) will keep making games. But the reason we went to Kickstarter is that we want to make this game together.

Having only reached 18% of its goal on their first attempt, dreadlocks are really working hard to push their last attempt and have released an interesting interactive map which shows all the locations that are suitable to be included in the game that sees you investigating real haunted locations.

interactive map

A playable demo is also a possibility with the developers working hard to bring one out before their campaign ends in 15 days. If you are interested in supporting a unique horror game on Kickstarter click here

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