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Blue Estate Developers HeSaw Register Trademark for Dontnod Eleven

According to the OHIM or Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market, Europeans Trademarks and Designs – Blue Estate Developers, HeSaw has filed an application for the trademark of “Dontnod Eleven”. Based in Paris, France, HeSaw’s President is Oskar Guilbert who as luck might have it just so happens to be the chief executive officer [CEO] of Dontnod Entertainment [Life is Strange, Vampyr], sparking rumors of a possible re-brand for the HESAW Studio or a merging of the two companies, although this seems very unlikely. The application was filed on March 3rd 2016.



Last year french developers HeSaw launched rail shooter Blue Estate for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. As of now, any rumor regarding a re-brand or merger is pure and utter speculation although with Dontnod Entertainments recent success with Life is Strange, it’s entirely possible that HeSaw is being re-branded off the back of the studios success.

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