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HITMAN Ep.2 Pre-Release Update now available on Xbox One/PS4, Achievements revealed


HITMAN Ep.2 Pre-Release Update now available on Xbox One/PS4, Achievements revealed

IO Interactive has announced that the console ‘pre-release’ update, which is mandatory for all players is now available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The update adds immediate improvements to HITMAN while also serving to lay the foundations for the impending release of Episode 2 Sapienza, available April 26 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


PS4 and Xbox One players can expect to see this update on their consoles now, below are the full update details:

Reconnect Option
If a player is playing in online mode and gets disconnected during gameplay, they will have the option to immediately reconnect and resume play without losing any progress, instead of returning to the main menu.
[Available now on PC. Available in a future update for PS4 & Xbox One.]

Immediate Challenge Awards
Challenges are now awarded and saved immediately upon completion, rather than when completing a mission.
[Available now on PC. Available in a future update for PS4 & Xbox One.]

Loading Times
Significant improvements to load and restart times across all locations.
(Reduced by approximately 50% on PS4 and Xbox One)

Challenge Verbosity Settings
Players can now choose between three options for how challenge descriptions are displayed in the game menu.
Full: All Challenge information is shown.
Minimal: Only the image and name of the Challenge are shown
Off: Only the image of the Challenge is shown.

Weapon HUD Settings
Added three options for displaying the holstered/equipped weapon icon.
Full: Show weapon HUD for equipped and holstered weapon.
Minimal: Show weapon HUD only for equipped weapon.
Off: Don’t show weapon HUD.

Immediate Intel
Added an option for players to access the intel menu immediately after finding new intel.

Dropped Items
Disguises, weapons and items that are dropped are now shown on the in-game map.

Holstering animation
Added an animation for 47 holstering a small item, such as a pistol.

Escalation Contracts Improvements
– The list of complications and objectives are now viewable during gameplay and the planning phase.
– Players can now easily see from the in-game menu how many stages of each Escalation Contract they have completed.

HITMAN Episode 2 Sapienza comes with 7 Achievements for the Xbox One a list for all Achievements can be found below:

  • Die by the Sword – Complete World of Tomorrow 20GS
  • Sapienza Trinity – Eliminated Silvio during therapy, downed his plane with a cannon and shot him through the telescope. (Secret)15GS
  • Let No Joyful Voice be Heard – Awakened the Kraken! (Secret) 15GS
  • Not in the Guidebook – Complete all Opportunities in World of Tomorrow 30GS
  • Sapienza Escalated – Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Sapienza 20GS
  • Plan Ahead – Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Sapienza 10GS
  • Amalfi Pearl Reach – Sapienza Mastery Level 20 40GS

HITMAN Episode 2 Sapienza comes with a new story mission, World of Tomorrow as well as 10 new Opportunities for ‘World of Tomorrow’, 20 levels of Sapienza Mastery while the Live Content for Sapienza includes new Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets & New Featured Contracts (Contracts Mode).

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