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Live-Action Psychological Horror ‘The Bunker’ Announced, Trailer & Screenshots Released

Developers, Wales Interactive has today announced ‘The Bunker’, a Live-Action psychological horror title coming to PC and Consoles in the summer, they also released the first screenshots and trailer for what is sure to be an exciting title. ‘The Bunker’ boasts an incredible cast including Adam Brown (The Hobbit Trilogy) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful) with a story written by talented writers from The Witcher, SOMA, and the Broken Sword series.


Developed by Wales Interactive and Splendy Games and published by Green Man Gaming, The Bunker tells the story of John, a boy born in a secret government nuclear bunker in England on 3rd July 1986, the day the bombs fell. 30 years later, everyone you knew and loved has died. You exist as best you can, following the rules and sticking to your routine. But one day something goes wrong, taking you out of your routine, out of your room, and down deeper and deeper into the bowels of the bunker. But the bunker holds a dark secret, locked away in your suppressed memories, but which must be confronted if you are to survive the horrors which await you…

The Bunker will be a purely live cinematic game with no motion capture or CGI actors involved. Players will be able to explore the very depths of the bunker to uncover hidden secrets and achievements from Johns childhood. Everything in the game was shot for real in a genuine decommissioned nuclear bunker in Essex, England.

Wales Interactive also shared some screenshots for The Bunker, which you can view in the gallery below.

The Bunker has no official release date but will launch sometime in the summer for PC and Consoles with Mobile and Tablet coming during Q4 of 2016.

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