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Mortal Kombat X Mobile Version To Get Biggest Content Update Ever

The celebrate the one year anniversary of Mortal Kombat X for mobile devices, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the biggest content update to date, which will be available from tomorrow.

Players of the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X will be able to enjoy many new impressive features with the game’s largest update including new gold characters, faction war store and currency, performance improvements and much more.

The following items will arrive with Friday’s update for Mortal Kombat X:

  • New Faction War Store and Currency
    Blood Rubies, a new type of currency obtained through Faction Wars, have now been implemented and can be used in the brand-new Faction War Store. Improved leaderboards and more frequent Faction War Seasons give players more opportunities to win and earn rewards.
  • New Rewards
    Two new exclusive Gold Characters, Kobu Jutsu Tanya and Dark Emperor Liu Kang, and three new pieces of equipment including the Bloody Shokan Armor, Bloody Voodoo Doll and Bloody Tomahawk.
  • New Challenge Characters
    Five new Challenge Characters will be added over time, including Challenges to obtain new skins including Marksman Kung Jin, Dark Lord Kotal Kahn, Klassic Kano and more.
  • Performance Improvements
    Improved matchmaking system and character balance updates.

Also, as an extra gift for fans, all Mortal Kombat X mobile players will receive the exclusive Fujin’s Blessing support card alongside a large amount of Souls, just for playing the game.

Mortal Kombat X on mobile is free to download on iOS and Android now. The update is live for iOS and will be coming to Android on May 13.

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