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Uncharted 2 Was One of the Hardest Games We Made, Says Naughty Dog

Members of Naughty Dog’s development team took to recently to show off Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for its live Uncharted Moments series.

During the live stream, the developer played and discussed Uncharted 2 at great length, including the studio’s feelings regarding Uncharted 2‘s development and success.

Joe Pettinati: Video Editor – Naughty Dog “When the game came out it had somehow even pierced my little world. I feel like this ended up on a lot of people’s radar just because there was something special going on, especially with the award winning, I didn’t even know games could win awards until it started winning all of them.”.

Uncharted 2 Train Sequence

Josh Scherr: Writer – Naughty DogIt was obviously very gratifying and very humbling to sort of be looked at like that. Of course, that put that much more pressure on us for our follow-ups, but at the time it was the hardest, this was one of the hardest games we’d ever made, up until that point.

One thing that sealed the deal for me was right before the game came out we did something we’d never done before, which was that we rented out a movie theatre in California and we not only showed portions of the game but we also had a little multiplayer competition as well. We actually showed the Train Sequence among others and the theatre was full of our fans and people who were interested in checking out the game, at the end of the sequence I had my camera out recording, it was pre-iPhone so I had my point and shoot camera with movie taking abilities out.

I was recording the screen for the audiences reaction and at the end of the sequence where the train car tumbles around there was a huge roar from the audience and everyone was just losing their shit with what they were seeing and at that point I was like ok we’ve got something special pretty special here and the rest was history“.

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection demo is available to download now on the PlayStation Store with a full release on October the 9th.

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