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New Grand Theft Auto Online Update arrives with Sumo Car Mode, Weapons, Clothing and Tattoo’s

Rockstar Games has announced more details on Grand Theft Auto Online latest update – Lowriders: Custom Classics, which is available today for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC while also releasing a new trailer for the new update.

In addition to the new car customization options which include the Vapid Slamvan, Dundreary Virgo Classic, Willard Faction and Custom Donk, the new update brings with it two new weapons – Compact Rifle and the Double Barrel Shotgun, both new guns can be used in “Drive By shootings”


Residents of Los Santos will also be able to update their wardrobe with a host of new clothing options that will have you looking the business at your next car meet. From lowrider clothing to workwear, there are plenty of new looks to try out. 16 brand new tattoo designs are also available at parlors across the City of Los Santos, or you can try one of three fresh new hairstyles for each gender to keep up with the latest trends.

The new update also brings with it the hilariously titled Sumo Adversary Mode where the objectives for players is to force the opposition out of the designated arena.


Source: Rockstar Games

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