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“No More Heroes” Title Teased at Switch Presentation

The Quentin Tarantino of gaming finally returned home to Nintendo during the worldwide Nintendo Switch broadcast, as the infamous cult video game director Goichi Suda took to the stage to announce that he would be developing a new title for the Nintendo Switch.

With most of Goichi Suda’s recent titles having been on PS4 and Xbox One, including his latest project Let It Die, the cult legend responsible for such classics as Killer7 on the Nintendo Gamecube, as well as the much-loved No More Heroes series on the Nintendo Wii, speculated that he is currently developing a much-anticipated sequel to No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle for the Nintendo Switch.

Suda’s appearance at the Switch presentation was accompanied by a never-before-seen piece of artwork featuring No More Heroes series protagonist Travis Touchdown. Sporting his iconic sunflower-tinted aviators and his signature slicked-up hairstyle, Travis’s t-shirt had the line ‘Travis Strikes Again’ emblazoned on it. The No More Hero looks to be all but confirmed for a third appearance on a Nintendo console, although Suda gave no specifics regarding development of the title, or an expected release date.

With the Switch offering premium online subscription services in the near future, and Goich Suda’s latest title being a free-to-play online game, might we see Travis return to his outrageous otaku antics in a similar format to Let it Die? With SUDA51, anything is possible, but we’d love to get your thoughts on the return of the Crownless King in the comments section!    

From J-pop to Nintendo, Adam’s daily battle with his inner otaku is one he enjoys losing. Since playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 1998, he’s been a gamer ever since. Currently studying English at university, Adam has the silly ambition of one day becoming a paid writer – a guy can dream, right?


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