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Outlast 2 Character ‘Sullivan Knoth’ Revealed, Sequel Will Be 20-30% Longer Than Outlast

New character details have emerged for highly anticipated survival horror sequel, Outlast 2.

Speaking to IGN, developers, Red Barrels revealed a new character by the name of Sullivan Knoth, a self-proclaimed preacher and leader of the cult known as the “Testament of the New Ezekiel”.

Earlier this year we reported that Outlast 2’s story was inspired by the true events of the Jonestown Massacre of 1978, where over 900 men, women and children took their own lives during a tragic mass suicide, Knoth’s character bears some resemblance to that of preacher, James Warren Jones, the leader of the Jonestown cult known as the “People’s Temple”. You can find detailed information regarding Sullivan Knoth below and check out our interview with Red Barrels by following this link.

“Sullivan Knoth was the age of Christ at crucifixion when he first heard the voice of The Lord. It was 1966 and he was a shoe salesman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, about to lose his home to mounting debts he could not pay.

He turned in desperation to late-night Evangelical radio but found no comfort in the voice preaching against the evils of extramarital fornication. But as he listened, he began to hear something underneath the preacher’s voice: disguised in static was the true voice of God.

God told Sullivan that he was sorely displeased with the world and its churches, and needed a brave new prophet. Sullivan walked out into the night and saw in the dark sky a vision like that of the Prophet Ezekiel. It was a terrible angel, a many-faced creature crowned in fire, surrounded by “wheels within wheels.” It bore a prophecy that the end of days would arrive within Sullivan’s lifetime, and only his guidance could lead a chosen few towards Paradise instead of everlasting torment.

Filled with purpose, Sullivan abandoned all his earthly possessions, (which technically belonged to the bank anyway,) and began to preach in the streets of Albuquerque. His passion inspired the lost and disaffected, and they flocked to him. Within a year he had dozens of followers, all of whom had donated all their earthly possessions to the nascent church dubbed “Testament of the New Ezekiel.”

They lived communally on a luxury ranch owned by a wealthy woman named Lydia Degan. Sullivan continued to receive messages from God, which he faithfully recorded in a book of verse he called “The Gospel of Knoth.”

Sullivan encouraged all the women of his flock to breed frequently, even generously offering his own seed to the cause. He personally delivered each baby, guided by a secret purpose vital to mankind’s salvation.

It was the home births that gave New Mexico police the legal authority to crack down on the cult. With a warrant for health and safety violations, police raided Degan’s ranch and arrested a dozen cult members. Knoth barely escaped with a handful of followers.

All of their assets seized, the church was in serious danger of falling apart.

Following the guidance of Moses and Abraham, Sullivan Knoth climbed a mountain alone to commune with God. He waited on the mountain top, naked in the wilderness, until God’s voice commanded that he sacrifice an eye in exchange for true vision. Knoth unsheathed his knife and slit his left eyeball open.

As the blood poured down his face, the veil of reality fell away and Knoth saw with absolute certainty the destiny of his church. He foresaw a town, deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization, that would be the gateway to the true temple of the Testament of the New Ezekiel. He would call this town Temple Gate, and take his followers there to prepare for the tribulations of the End Times.

Sullivan Knoth warned his flock that the road would be long and the horrors many, and they would all be forced to make difficult sacrifices and impossible choices in the hope of salvation and paradise everlasting.

It was the winter of 1969 when Sullivan Knoth and nearly a hundred followers caravanned out into the desert and left this wicked world behind.”

Red Barrels took to Twitter recently to answer questions from fans about the upcoming game, one response, in particular, confirmed that the duration of Outlast 2’s story would be 20-30% longer than 2014’s Outlast.

Outlast 2 is shaping up to be one of the games to look out for in 2016 and is scheduled for release this coming fall on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Image and Credit Source: IGN

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