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P7 is not Alan Wake 2, Says Remedy’s Creative Director; Not Ruling Out Possible Sequel

Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director doesn’t rule out a potential sequel to 2010 thriller.

Over the last 7 year’s fans like myself have been questioning whether or not we’re ever likely to see a follow-up to Remedy Entertainment’s fantastic single player title, Alan Wake. Released in 2010 on Xbox 360, Remedy’s psychological thriller followed the exploits of best-selling writer Alan Wake as the protagonist fights shadowy figures inside the quaint town of Bright Falls.

According to Alan Wake Writer and Creative Director, Sam Lake, a sequel could still happen but reaffirms that it is not Project 7, the studio’s current working title: “P7 is not an Alan Wake 2 – it’s worth saying out aloud,” explains Lake, who recently spoke with Eurogamer.

I would love to do that! We are not making Alan Wake 2 at the moment. We own Alan Wake, I feel there is value in Alan Wake, I would love to do more Alan Wake, but these things, they are more than just creative ideas: there is a business side to it. There are many things that need to click into place to make it possible.”

Alan Wake did receive a follow-up of sorts in 2012 when Remedy developed arcade spin-off, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but despite Remedy sharing concept footage of Alan Wake 2 that dates all the way back to 2010, Alan Wake still exists without a direct sequel. 

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