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Playstation 4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Director discusses permadeaths and demo

The Director of Valkyria: Azure Revolution Takeshi Ozawa and the game’s producer Yoichi Shimosato recently spoke to Dengeki Playstation about their upcoming title.

When asked about the subject of losing a character in game

Ozawa: “We’ve discussed this quite a bit, but this time there is also the theme of death, and if a character doesn’t die, then there isn’t any fear transmitted to the player. So we’ve taken the plunge.”

Shimosato: “We’ve readied events and other story elements for sub-characters in order to further motivate players to not get people killed.”

Are there events that don’t occur if you lose a character in game?

Ozawa: “The main story will carry on, but the said character’s events will be cut out. However, like other Valkyria Chronicles titles, you’ll be able to redo things, and we’re planning on having players get to experience everything just by doing so.”


Do you think the game will be too difficult for some?

Ozawa: “There are obstacles in the game and we are thinking about how to go about them without toning them down. We plan on including something like an easy mode to help with the the obstacles.”

Regarding the demo

Shimosato: “Before we’ve released demos just before the game’s release, and the feedback we received had no effect on our work schedule. That’s why this time, we’re using an early system with the intention of making it even better. We want to make it together with the fans.”

Ozawa: “However, one thing we don’t want to you to misunderstand is that it won’t be a beta, as we plan on confidently getting your assent right off the bat.”


What about the depth of the demo?

Ozawa: “Since you’ll get a taste of the LeGION [battle system] we’re calling it the ‘Battle Demo.’ It’ll also have leveling elements in it, so you get to experience something like a game cycle for it.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is due to launch Winter 2016 in Japan for the Playstation 4.


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