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Prey’s Original Soundtrack Now Available

If Bethesda’s demo of Prey didn’t grab enough of your attention, you can now have the music wherever you go.

Included on the album are tracks written by Mick Gordon, responsible for the award-winning score to DOOM. While that soundtrack was largely based in heavy metal stylings, Prey‘s is a stark contrast. The soundtrack to Prey is filled with synthesizer beats and arpeggiated guitars.

The Prey: Original Game Soundtrack is available to stream over Spotify and Apple Music, or purchasable from iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play.

The track list is below.

  • “The Experiment” – Mick Gordon
  • “Everything Is Going To Be Okay” – Mick Gordon
  • “Typhon Voices” – Mick Gordon
  • “The Phantoms” – Mick Gordon
  • “Into The Tunnels” – Matt Piersall
  • “Human Elements” – Mick Gordon
  • “The Truth Will Set You Free” – Mick Gordon
  • “No Gravity” – Mick Gordon
  • “Alex Theme” – Mick Gordon
  • “December and January” – Mick Gordon
  • “Neuromods” – Mick Gordon
  • “Stranded” – Ben Crossbones
  • “Semi Sacred Geometry” – Raphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
  • “Mind Game” – Raphael Colantonio with production and electronics by Matt Piersall

Prey releases May 5th worldwide for Windows PCs, Xbox One, and PS4.

Stephen has been an avid gamer for nearly 25 years, fighting alongside caped crusaders, Jedi, and biotic Asari along the way. He likes to try new things but frequently comes back to Overwatch.


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