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Psyonix Details Rocket League’s Autumn Update

Psyonix Details Rocket League’s Autumn Update

Psyonix has given details of the upcoming Autumn update for Rocket League set to premiere September 28th.

Among the changes in this update, are new arena variants that will be available in Exhibition, Private, and all Ranked Playlists. These new variants include Wasteland, Starbase Arc, Mannfield, DFH Stadium, and Champions Field. Speaking of arenas, a new seasonal arena taking place on a rural farm will house Rocket League competitors as well.

Once the Autumn update is in place, more limited-time events will start appearing. Also, new items called Decryptors will be made available. These act like Master Keys and can unlock any crate, even limited-time ones! Speaking of crates, a new one will be made available called the Accelerator Crate! This crate can grant access to a new goal explosion, set of wheels, a boost, trail, and new matte paint finish as well as the new Jager 619 RS that draws inspiration from European racers.

A new Director Mode will be entering a Beta period in Rocket League, which gives spectators an AI-powred camera to try and see the best plays as they will happen. The AI will track whoever is the most relevant player and try to predict shots and saves before they happen. Exclusively for PCs, a much-requested feature will finally be available as well: LAN Support. LAN Support will allow PC players to connect locally in order to facilitate same-room tournaments.

Transparent goalposts will also be added, giving goalies a prime view of what is happening just around the corner while inside the goal itself. A revamped in-game blog and over 90 new items round out the updates to Rocket League.

Rocket League originally released on PC and PS4 in July of 2015, but since then has spread to the Xbox One, and will be arriving for Linux systems, MacOS, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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