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Quantum Break Head of PR Responds To Criticism “Animators Did Amazing Work With QB”

Yesterday, Remedy Entertainments Head of PR, Thomas Puha took to social media to praise Naughty Dog’s upcoming PlayStation Exclusive, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Puha spoke very highly of Nathan Drakes swansong by saying “The opening chapters are divisive as has been said, so much setup, but once the game gets going, its incredible”. He would then follow up on the glowing report by stating that the developers of Uncharted 4 had 27 or 28 animators working on the game, compared to Remedy Entertainments 4 animators working on Quantum Break. While clearly intended as a joke, the comment would quickly come back to haunt him.

One user cited the lack of animators for Quantum Breaks 77 Metacritic Score.

While both Sony and Microsoft continue to heap praise on one another, it appears the fans are not ready to do the same.

Remedy Entertainments Head of PR would go on to use the location of the studio as another reason for the lack of animators, Remedy are based out of Finland, but finished by praising the work of Quantum Breaks animators, despite limitations with the brand new ‘Northlight Engine’, created by the studio prior to developing Quantum Break.

Microsoft Exclusive, Quantum Break became the studios fastest selling I.P after its release on the Xbox One and topped the platform charts a week later, but has since plummeted down the charts and is currently sitting at No. 20.

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