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Resident Evil 7 biohazard Will Get Free Piece of DLC This May in the Form of “Not a Hero”

Recently, Capcom detailed Resident Evil 7 biohazard‘s Season Pass ahead of the games worldwide release for Xbox One, PS4 with PSVR support and PC on January 24th, and today we learn that the publisher will also release a free piece of downloadable content titled “Not a Hero” this Spring.

With 3 DLC packs already announced and scheduled to release in the months following the release for owners of Resident Evil 7‘s Season Pass or Deluxe Edition, all players will be treated to an additional piece of downloadable content in the form of “Not a Hero”, slated to release sometime in May.

Although the publisher did not offer full details on what the free DLC might contain, it did confirm that the additional content would not feature Resident Evil 7‘s protagonist Ethan but will, however, be tied to the main character’s escape as an extra in-game chapter that will offer a “different taste” of gameplay to the style found in the main game.

Not a Hero will be free to all players of Resident Evil 7 when the content releases sometime this May.

Better known as RzrsS in the video game scene, Stephan Rodts has been playing video games for nearly his entire life. He started out shooting poor ducks out of the sky in Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, but now shoots everything that moves. Be warned.


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