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Song of Horror funded after two failed Kickstarter campaigns

Song of Horror developers, Protocol Games, haven’t had much luck lately. Their first Kickstarter attempt which left them with just €18,146 of the €75,000 they needed to bring their old school inspired horror game to life was a disappointing first attempt to secure funding for an exciting looking project.

After their first failed attempt back in July last year, the developers looked at ways to promote their game and campaign waiting until November to try again, and things were going extremely well, with the overall amount needed cut down to €50,000, and €17,000 pledged within the first week due to the various efforts from the team to promote the campaign and a playable demo available, funding seemed like a sure thing. Unfortunately, the amount of backers dwindled and yet again, the campaign failed on December 10th with €35,758 reached out of €50,000.

The latest update has been a positive one, despite all their setbacks, Protocol Games really believed in their project which features 16 playable characters and permadeath. They have managed to secure funding from their families and publisher, Badland Indie giving the game a 2017 release date for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the full update below:

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Thanks to the support coming from both our families and our publisher Badland Indie, we have been able to borrow, in very favorable conditions, the money we need to finish the game. This means that we will be able to continue sustaining ourselves working on the game full time.

Kicking it Up a Notch: In addition to the former, which is great news on its own, we have also moved to our publisher’s office for now, meaning we get to save the rent on the old one, and get a bigger space to boot. We also have now a few talented interns working with us on the project, Their involvement will make Song of Horror’s technical level improve dramatically, as we have now many more man hours to dedicate to each task. Right now we’re in the middle of the enhancement surgery, so to speak, so we don’t have any pictures to share, but that will change at some point :).

Release Plans: We have been able to estimate our roadmap from here to release, and according to that estimate, Song of Horror will release around Summer 2017 for PC (Steam and DRM-Free), PS4 and Xbox One.[/box]

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