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Super Mario: Odyssey Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

During Nintendo’s much-anticipated Switch console announcement broadcast, which aired live during the early hours of Friday morning over in the U.K, the world was wonderfully surprised by the ever iconic emergence of everyone’s favourite plumber, as he burst onto screens worldwide in order to reveal his latest adventure: Super Mario: Odyssey.

Taking the Italian stallion out of the Mushroom Kingdom and into the real world for the first time in the series history, Mario is going global in his next major adventure. Spectacular footage of the game showed Mario roaming the city streets in a seemingly open-word setting, using his hat (which now features a pair of eyes) to bound and bounce his way from skyscraper to skyscraper, as the classic red cap was thrown in front of Mario, acting as a sort of stepping stone that would aid him in traversing large expanses, where even his world-renowned jumping skills were in need of a helping hand… or in this case, hat.

Apart from the bustling city level that was shown, a dense swamp/jungle area was also revealed, as well as a plush, colourful and vibrant environment, and what appeared to be a desert area: all of which was deliciously brought to life by Nintendo’s new machine as it was running Super Mario: Odyssey in resplendent HD.

The trailer was accompanied by some original, never-before-heard musical arrangements. The orchestral pieces might have been taken from the upcoming game soundtrack, and they were simply marvellous.

No specifics on plot details were shared, but from the footage shown, Bower has decided to heed the call of his inner Beyonce and intends to put a ring on Peach’s finger. What ensues is sure to be a classic case of Mario mischief, as the portly plumber pursues Peach in what is shaping up to be a fantastic entry into the core Super Mario series, as well as a worthy successor to the phenomenal Super Mario Galaxy that was released on the Nintendo Wii back in 2007.

With the hugely anticipated title scheduled for a ‘holiday 2017’ release according to Nintendo, you can guarantee Santa Clause won’t be the only famous fella in red bringing happiness to people the world over this Christmas. Never mind your fireplace, make sure you leave some cake by an open manhole cover this holiday season – and maybe some fruit for Yoshi too!

From J-pop to Nintendo, Adam’s daily battle with his inner otaku is one he enjoys losing. Since playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 1998, he’s been a gamer ever since. Currently studying English at university, Adam has the silly ambition of one day becoming a paid writer – a guy can dream, right?


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