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Super Mario Odyssey Shifts 511,625 Copies in First 3 Days in Japan

Image Credit: Nintendo UK

Super Mario Odyssey Shifts 511,625 Copies in First 3 Days in Japan

Nintendo Switch’s latest smash hit, Super Mario Odyssey sold 511,625 copies in 3 days in Japan, according to the latest Famitsu numbers.

The number only accounts for physical copies sold, so with download sales absent from the overall figure, units shifted for Super Mario Odyssey are likely to be considerably higher. Despite getting off to a fantastic start in Japan, Super Mario Odyssey‘s numbers don’t beat that of Splatoon 2, which managed to shift almost 700,000 copies in the same time period following the sequel’s launch in July.

Additionally, Super Mario Odyssey‘s launch boosted Nintendo Switch sales with 130,000 units of the console sold following the hotly anticipated game’s release, thanks to bundles including the latest Mario title.

2017 has been the year of Nintendo with the Japanese electronics giant announcing this past weekend that sales for Nintendo Switch had passed 2 million following its launch in March.

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