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Unseen concept art for cancelled Playstation 3 title Eight Days emerges


Unseen concept art for cancelled Playstation 3 title Eight Days emerges

Concept Art for cancelled Playstation 3 title Eight Days has emerged via the artist behind the work, Benoit Godde, a concept artist with professional experience of providing visual development for AAA next-gen games and Movies concept art.

Eight Days was an action game that, at the time was being developed by SCE London Studio for the PlayStation 3. On 4 June 2008 the game was rumoured to have been cancelled with SONY President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, stating that the lack of an online mode in Eight Days was “part of the consideration” to cancel the game. He also went on to state that the cancellation of Eight Days was not because it was not failing in production, but because Sony is increasingly moving towards online-supported games, and Eight Days did not fit that overall strategy. It was later revealed in 2009 that Eight Days was simply on hold.

Set over the course of eight days, set in eight different states, which at the time would have made Eight Days the largest game map around. Eight Days would have also included a real life clock, for example, if the game was being played at night, it would be night in the game. 

Currently the game is still on hold and it remains to be seen whether Eight Days will ever see the light of day.

Source: Neogaf

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