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Watch 16 Minutes of Gameplay for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the follow-up to 2014’s award-winning Shadow of Mordor was first announced during GDC last week in San Francisco, and today, developer Monolith Productions shared 16 minutes of extended Alpha gameplay footage.

With Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Monolith has truly widened the scope following Shadow of Mordor, offering warfare on the largest scale with the introduction of the Nemesis System and Nemesis Fortresses.

During the 16 minutes of explosive gameplay, we get an idea of Shadow of War‘s true scale as Talion, the game’s returning hero, looks to take down the evil Sauron from within by attacking his strongholds with tactical precision.

Using the power of the “New Ring“, players are able to recruit followers of all kinds to build an Orc army to assist in the taking of key points across Middle-Earth. The introduction of the innovative Nemesis System allows players to establish entirely new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge, with endless possibilities with each strategic attack on Middle-Earth’s arch villain.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be available for Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Windows 10 PC (Windows Store and Steam), PS4 and PS4 Pro on August 22nd in North America (25th in Europe).

Better known as RzrsS in the video game scene, Stephan Rodts has been playing video games for nearly his entire life. He started out shooting poor ducks out of the sky in Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, but now shoots everything that moves. Be warned.


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