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World of Final Fantasy Begins to Recieve Paid DLC in the Form of Re-skinned Mirages

Following its launch almost 2 months ago (October 25th) exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita, Square Enix’s World of Final Fantasy has finally begun to receive paid DLC in the form of re-skinned mirages.

In total, there are 10 creatures currently available on the PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS Vita ranging in price between £1.69 and £2.49 individually. At the moment of writing World of Final Fantasy‘s paid add-ons which include re-skinned versions of Astraea, Nidhogg and Topaz Carbuncle are available to purchase on the Australian and European Stores, with North America likely available today.

2P Serafie creature – PS4 | PSVita

2P Tama Creature – PS4 | PSVita

Astraea creature – PS4 | PSVita

Dark Behemoth creature – PS4 | PSVita

Iris Creature – PS4 | PSVita

Kaguya Flan creature – PS4 | PSVita

Kobold Mimic creature – PS4 | PSVita

Nidhogg creature – PS4 | PSVita

Sky Dragon creature – PS4 | PSVita

Topaz Carbuncle creature – PS4 | PSVita

World of Final Fantasy is available now for PS4 and PS Vita.

Credit: FinalFantasy.Net

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