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Audiosurf 2 Review


Audiosurf 2 Review

If you really want to experience your music instead of simply listening to it, then Audiosurf is the game for you.  Simply select a track, whether from your own music library or the ones in the game, and you’ll be immediately taken into an ever-changing world that responds to the beat, mood, and style of the track that’s playing.

Scrolling action game meets Guitar Hero in this intriguing amalgam where your ship earns points by surfing over the notes on a three lane highway.  String together combos by correctly changing lanes when the song indicates and you’ll be rewarded with a change in the psychedelic background.  The original Audiosurf was a great game to get lost in and with the additions to the sequel, it has only become easier.

235800_screenshots_2015-04-11_00001There’s a lot to look at in this game!

Perhaps the largest improvement from the original game is the attention to note placement in relation to the song that’s playing.  While the first installment did an okay job of this, in a song’s big moment it didn’t really match up well.  However, this has been corrected in Audiosurf 2 and now you really feel connected to what’s happening in the song.  In addition, developer Dylan Fitterer has polished many of the gamemodes as well as adding leaderboards to nearly everything.  If the first Audiosurf played well, than the second one is only better!

Challenge your friends to any song and compare your performance, or play the song of the day and compare your score to everyone online!  As every song offers a completely different visual experience, I encourage you to get in game and see it for yourself.  Ride your music!

Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2




  • Expanded Music Library
  • Casual Gameplay
  • Updated Leaderboards


  • Limited Tutorials
  • Lack of Precise Controls
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