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clash review


Clash Review

Clash is a four player, local multiplayer game developed by FennecFox Entertainment. It’s very similar to SlashDash,  but with less maps to play on, unlike SlashDash though this game doesn’t block you out of 50% of its modes if you don’t have the four controllers required to play. 

With games like these, the lack of online multiplayer baffles me. I feel they would achieve so much more with this simple feature and wouldn’t require you to round up everyone in your house to get a game going. Although, they can be a lot of fun playing couch co-op. 


Island of the Spirits Map

The game itself is very family friendly and features some cool unique characters, Kibo the White lion king of the Savannah, Lazarus the furious hunter of the night, Ceto the wimpy Protector of the deep and Xian Yu the jolly guardian of the Sun Valley. The characters also come with a unique taunt, which when my daughters discovered this feature, spent the remainder of the time we played, spamming the button and laughing as their characters “did a little dance”. This was ok with me as I came along and killed them repeatedly (I’m bad) for easy points.

The modes are very fast-paced and fun and although there are only a handful of maps, the ones that are available are very visually appealing and unique ranging from an underwater Atlantis, Necropolis and an Island of the Spirits which showcases beautiful waterfalls and a Cherry Blossom Tree. The Atlantis map can be interacted with, with players being able to drop objects on their enemies heads which causes a mad dash to the top and a sense of caution when walking underneath it.


Deathmatch on the Necropolis Map

Clash consists of four hectic modes. Crystal Hunt where players drop a crystal when they die, you have to collect as many as you can and deposit them in a glowing ring that appears on the screen. If you get killed holding crystals you have collected, you lose them all, allowing other players to pick them up. The ring will constantly change places and doesn’t always appear so it’s a fight to stay alive and keep the crystals you have acquired so far while waiting for the ring to appear. This does make the game a bit intense with players dashing everywhere trying to kill each other. 

Deathmatch is just all out carnage and is a basic mode that everyone should be familiar with. Just kill as many players as possible to rack up your score. If you prefer to be on a team, Team Deathmatch is also available, consisting of five rounds where you try to wipe out the other team before they get you, once both team members are dead the round ends. 


Atlantis Map

The last mode is King of the Hill, a glowing ring will appear in each round and you have to stay in it the longest, while fighting other players, to keep them away from it to win the round. What’s slightly disappointing about this game is the fact that each mode is only set on a specific map. You can’t pick and choose to play a mode on a different map, this can make playing the modes feel slightly repetitive and doesn’t give the breath of fresh air, playing on different maps brings to multiplayer games.

Combat is more than just spamming the buttons, with your characters able to block creating a shield around them to avoid incoming attacks. Charging into another player at the same time they are heading towards you, sends you both flying backwards, which can be pretty amusing. 

Overall, Clash does exactly what it sets out to do, which is to create a fun family friendly competitive game that everyone can play. With its cool unique characters and tried and tested game modes set on some very good looking maps, the only place I felt it fell short was the lack of variety of maps, with only four available. I would have loved to see online multiplayer become a part of the game, no AI’s to play with also let the game down greatly, although it is marketed as a family game. Unfortunately it just didn’t stand out, or keep me entertained for long enough to warrant a higher score.

Clash was reviewed on the Xbox One

Disclosure: game copy was provided by the publisher

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Overall Game Rating



  • Visually appealing maps
  • Unique characters to play as
  • 4 player local co-op


  • Needed a few more maps and to be able to mix and match the modes
  • Little re playability, can get repetitive
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