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Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars Review

Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars Review

Real-time strategy games have a habit of adapting surprisingly well to consoles. After an 8-year gap, Comet Crash, a series that blends RTS with Tower Defence returns with its long awaited sequel, The Kronkoid Wars. The follow up to 2009’s award-winning PS3 title from developer Pelfast, Comet Crash is back and it’s better than it has ever been. With smooth control mechanics, a brand new campaign, multiplayer for both offline and online and solo and co-operative play, The Kronkoid Wars works extremely well on console, much as it did 8 years ago when the series first debuted.

Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars: PS4 [Reviewed]
Developer: Pelfast
Publisher: Pelfast
Release Date: 8 August 2017
Price: £14.99 [Disclosure: Game Copy Provided by Developer/Publisher]

The premise to Kroinkoid Wars is rather simple but effective considering its setting. When evil Kronkoid alien ships are discovered in the nearby vicinity of the planet Kulin, it falls to the player who is armed with a small tower building spaceship to defend the planets surrounding comets in an attempt to push the Kroinkoid threat back and save the galaxy. As Earth’s best form of defence, players will move from one comet to another strategically setting up towers to defend each home base from the evil aliens. Players can position various weaponised towers around the battlefield but can not completely block off the enemies path to their home base. With that in mind, creating the most dangerous and longest of paths for the aliens to work their way through with a variety of towers to slow them down and pick them off relies on smart thinking and strategic placement.

Defending each home base from attacking Kronkoid is only one side of the battle though, as you can also take the fight to the opposition. Comet Crash 2 allows players to take the attack directly to the opposition by using a scientific process known in the galaxy as Thorium Synthesis, a method that allows players to turn harvested Thorium into units that can then be used to upgrade towers, build and repair them and send out small units to attack the enemy base. Thorium can be obtained by shooting down small asteroids that orbit each comet which can be achieved by simply dragging each bolder towards your attacking tower or by dropping it directly into a harvesting machine. Balancing your attacking desire with a strong defensive line to win each battle adds a whole new level of strategic depth to each fight and will keep players thinking and second guessing for hours.

Mining ore from these asteroids builds up units which can then be spent to construct basic small turrets, air lasers that are perfect for taking down the little rocks, cannons that deal massive damage to enemy towers, and specialised buildings that will attack the enemies base once deployed. Construction of Basic Ops and Special Ops buildings gives the player the option of sending tiny units out to attack the enemies base, but with a line to that base often heavy guarded, requires some pre-planning to successfully achieve. Swarming the enemy base with a guarded enemy route will likely result in your tiny troops being picked off one by one before they arrive at their destination and as such, situating weaponised towers near to those defences will work away at destroying each one, leaving your fleet free to work a safe passage through to destroy the base.

Early on players might get away with a sloppy placement of towers and still get the job done whereas later comets will require quick thinking and smart strategic placement to overcome. Once placed, towers can be upgraded to make them more powerful assets in the fight and harvesters can be placed about the comet that will pull in any floating asteroid and harvest it for all important units, leaving the player to continue plotting their way to victory without the distraction of Thorium. At times, Kronkoid Wars feels like a game of chess as you work away to remove each enemy piece from play, only to replace it with your own. Additionally, preventing the enemies ability to produce units of their own is vital to turning the tide in your favour, and so working to place a weaponised structure or many close to those towers would be a very smart strategy.

Though graphically Kronkoid Wars isn’t the best-looking title out there what it does offer is enough to keep players entertained visually with its pleasing cartoon-like art style, and no matter how packed the battlefield gets (and things can get very hectic), there is no stuttering or drops in framerate. With 50 missions available, there is a great level of depth and replayability to Kronkoid Wars, with new challenges, scenarios and an increase in difficulty to keep players on their toes. Furthermore, the game plays surprisingly well on PS4 with the Dualshock controller. Using the Dualshock 4, I found movement of the builder spaceship to be extremely easy and comfortable as I controlled and manoeuvred my little ship around the battlefield to heal myself, build different towers or buildings, mine Thorium to aid my plight or upgrade and repair placements.

Away from the main campaign, multiplayer and cooperative play are a fun element of Kronkoid Wars to delve into. Taking to online in 1v1, 2v2 and Free-For-All, players can test themselves against fellow humans with unlockable upgrades available for your ship and XP to be gained. All-in-all, the available online features make for a great change of pace from single-player and adds further replay value to what is already a strategically pleasing title.


Kronkoid Wars is a thoroughly entertaining hybrid of RTS and Tower Defence that will have players thinking on their feet as they work to push back the Kronkoid forces with thoughtful and strategic movement. A great addition to the real time strategy library, Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars plays well on the PS4 and never feels stale with an abundance of missions, challenges, weapons, scenarios, multiplayer and cooperative play all adding up for some great replay value.

Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars

Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars

Overall Rating



  • 50 Missions to enjoy
  • Tower building aspect is a lot of strategic fun
  • Different challenges and scenarios
  • Works well on console
  • Multiplayer adds further replay value


  • Tutorial for new towers could have been better presented
  • Graphics

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