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Forza Motorsport 6 Review

For many years now, the Forza series has captured the eye of the gaming world, thanks in part to its breathtakingly amazing tracks, wide and luxurious wealth of car choices and of course it’s fiercely competitive online mode. Pound for pound Turn 10 and the Forza Motorsport series have been the leading torch-bearers for racing simulation and with the introduction of Forza Motorsport 6, they aim to reach new heights. 

New tracks have been added to what is already a mouthwatering roster of renowned circuits from all corners of the globe. Turn 10 pride themselves on delivering the best circuits Motorsport has to offer and with brand new tracks never seen before in the Forza series such as the Britain’s iconic Brands Hatch and Daytona, as well as the introduction of Watkins Glen and sun soaked Rio De Janeiro, they have continued that very trend with aplomb.  

Forza Motorsport 6

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

Forza Motorsport 6: Xbox One
Developer: Team 10 Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release Date: 15 September 2015
Price: £49.99 [Disclosure: Game copy supplied by Publisher]

Not content with offering up a handful of newly designed amazing tracks, Turn 10 have also redesigned the classic Indianapolis circuit to keep up to date with the tracks 2014 renovations., the developers certainly have not missed a single beat since Forza Motorsport 5 was released at the back end of 2013. As well as the newly introduced tracks, the latest addition to the hit series see’s the return of some of the games more seasoned circuits, which when combined, help to make Forza Motorsport 6 the racing game to beat in 2015. 

Making a return to the series are the famous Top Gear presenting team, minus Jeremy Clarkson for obvious reasons. Richard Hammond and James May provide helpful insight and knowledge into the vast array of beautifully designed Cars the game has to offer, they also have their very own Top Gear Track which players can race around. The racing enigma better known as The Stig also makes a return to the series in a set of Challenges which can be selected either through the games main menu or through random stages of Career Mode, these individual races pose a daunting challenge against a man who does not like to be beaten, or very rarely is. 

Forza Motorsport 6

Stig poses one hell of a threat

The Career Mode itself has been given a makeover of the linear kind, no longer is there the option to pick and choose between events, instead Turn 10 have introduced a different form of Career Mode, which rather removes the choice and replaces it with a more straightforward structured format. Players are still able to choose which types of Cars they wish to race in from a group of options, just not the event nor circuit the race will be on. There are a total of five volumes to work through in the games Career Mode, though the choice may have been sadly removed, the structure still has a lot of exciting elements to it, ensuring that the series doesn’t lose any of it’s class or swagger. 

The games single player experience is broken down into stages which cover the ‘Stories Of Motorsport’ leaving the game with a very historical feel, which is a nice personal touch prior to each race or upon choosing which vehicle you wish to race in. Hours will be spent racing around the early circuits, with large amounts of currency required to purchase the better forms of car in the game.  As I worked my way through the games different series I was able to upgrade my current cars as well as purchase the ones I desired, being a fan of the classics I opted to avoid the allure of some of the more faster luxurious cars, in turn choosing to spend my early credits on American Muscle Cars. 

Forza Motorsport 6

I’m a sucker for the classics

I feel that with Motorsport 5, Turn 10 may have been too eager to get their game out onto the market for the day one release of the Xbox One but this time around the sheer amount of detail that has gone into every single automobile within the game is incredible and a joy to see, you could literally spend hours alone just gazing at some of the 460 Vehicles, Forza 6 has to offer without ever taking to the track. 

Forza Motorsport 6 has a very pure, fluent and polished feel to it, every aspect of the tracks and cars that parade around them look and feel every inch the part.  With stunning 1080p and running at 60FPS, this is driving simulation at it’s very peak. Introducing for the first time to the series, Wet Weather conditions which add a whole new direction to the series. When out on track during the miserably murky conditions, one wheel in a puddle can see your Vehicle spinning out of control careering and flying from the track with devastating ease.

Attention and respect must be paid to each track at all times to avoid these situations, when approaching a large puddle on the track, I tended to lift off the pedal and cruise through them, rather then rush through resulting more often than not with a rewind being required or my car severely dented, along with my ego.

Forza Motorsport 6

My preferred camera view isn’t always the best for vision

While the game now offers a new weather condition system, there is no change of conditions while out on track, I feel this would have helped to make the game more of a challenge. Other Motorsport titles such as Formula One implement dynamic weather, because like the real life sport, weather is always subject to change. Although Forza 6 offers so many great elements, it lacks weather realism.  

Another new introduction to the series is the Night Time racing, which adds even more depth to an already immersive racing experience. When describing the Singapore Grand Prix, certain drivers would describe their experiences as having to have eyes on stalks to see certain corners and this is true with Forza 6. All tracks are lit up beautifully in the darkness of the night but the real adrenaline comes from not approaching a tight corner in the proper frame of mind, it serves to make better drivers while serving as somewhat of a white knuckle ride.

Forza Motorsport 6

Night races will keep you on your toes

Out on track, the stunning cars handle with sheer and utter precision, even if at times they appear to be a little sluggish. Each car is designed to feel and drive completely different to the next, the attention to detail is simply stunning. The quality of the games design mixed with the games improved physics only furthers Turn 10’s grip on the thrill-seeker sport, cementing them as the leading developers in Racing Simulation games today. There is simply nothing more exhilarating in a sports game then to be racing at 200MPH along some of the greatest tracks ever constructed with some beautiful scenery as the backdrop, much like Spa in Belgium, which offers a thrilling climb up through the rural settings at break neck speed.    

The Drivatars in Forza Motorsport 6 has been given a makeover of sorts, now during certain races, players will have to navigate through fields of up to 24 Cars. Of course there is the option to turn down the Drivatars aggressive behavior but it still makes for a more realistic and testing experience. Rather than simply pulling away from the leading pack which might have been the case in previous titles, players are now forced to often wait patiently for an opportunity or create one for themselves. The Drivatars, though mapped to that particular persons driving habits give the game a thoroughly challenging feel while offering up the aspect of uncertainty. 

Forza Motorsport 6 Screen Shot 2015-09-15 12-25-15

I’m merely waiting for my opponents to take themselves out

As well as offering a challenging Career Mode that will leave players with endless hours of enthralling racing to be had, there are various Showcase Events that serve to take players away from the set single player path, throwing them into the world of classic events and thrilling tasks which can vary from overtaking a set number of cars throughout the duration of a two lap race, to flying around in factory built single seater cars from golden days past, I found those set of events along with the Stig challenges to be the most entertaining.  

Forza Motorsport 6

Anyone for a game of Skittles?

Forza Motorsport 6 has so much to offer and another great addition is the Mod system. With packs brought with earned currency, players can choose between a variety of Mods that can help to make the Career Mode slightly easier. Games have often had such packs as seen in the FIFA and MADDEN franchises, where players can build up a better team with money spent and most recently TITANFALL where Burn Cards can be earned and also purchased, helping to lower the difficulty.

There are a different assortment of types of cards with some giving players XP and Cash Boosts, some give you a better Grid Starting Position while others come in the form of Dare Cards, which add a particular challenge when equipped, this might range from turning off all racing lines during a race to removing all of the games assists. These Cards can of course be sold back to better align with the more desired Mods at players disposal. Three different Mods can be chosen pre race and if those Challenges are a success, players are rewarded at the end, increasing XP and Credit. 

Forza Motorsport 6

Each Mod can either help or hinder you…so choose wisely!

The Forza series has always been known for it’s entertaining Multiplayer Mode and with Motorsport 6 the fun and frolics of the online world return. Players can take to the streets or tracks from the game and go up against a total of 23 other drivers. I spent a lot of time racing against other players in a game that punishes mistakes like no other, upon running wide or leaving the track the cars speed is dramatically reduced meaning no advantage can be gained from the proverbial cheats.  

Players can also take to online with a new League System, again offering up a full lobby of up to 24 players. As players progress throughout each race vital experience is gained allowing players to move up to the next League, overall this mode helps to keep players racing against other drivers of a similar skill level and helps to save hours of mindlessly chasing down better drivers or making the game too easy. 

Forza Motorsport 6

I may well be 4th now but just you wait and see…

Overall, Forza Motorsport 6 is a vast improvement on its predecessor. Some may have felt slightly let down by Forza’s somewhat labored introduction to the next gen console, but with Motorsport 6, Turn 10 have learnt from past mistakes. With freshly improved Graphics and a fitting Physics system, the latest addition to the series is a huge step in the right direction. Turn 10 have delivered an almost perfect racing simulation game equipped with some of the most stunning tracks and circuits in the games history, with 460 beautifully different looking and feeling vehicles and a Career Mode that will see players addicted for hours, Forza Motorsport 6 is a pure joy to behold.  

The new weather conditions add a different aspect to the game, helping to improve what already is a great all round experience even if the lack of in game weather dynamics hinder it ever so slightly. The new and updated version of in game Drivatars add a touch of uncertainty while out on track but this again is a major plus point for me personally. Racing is at times typically unpredictable and this should shine through with every element of the game. Forza Motorsport 6 offers so much fine racing and adrenaline pumping action, while leaving almost no stone unturned. The game simply is a must buy for any fan of the sport and a gem for racing enthusiasts worldwide.   

Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6

Overall Game Rating



  • Beautiful 1080p Graphics running at a steady 60FPS
  • 460 Gloriously designed Cars to choose from
  • Introduction of some amazing new circuits
  • The depth of precision with the handling of each car
  • Wet weather conditions


  • Lack of dynamic weather
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