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Goat Simulator Mmore Goatz Edition Review


Goat Simulator Mmore Goatz Edition Review

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition brings to the consoles, the wackiness of the Goat Simulator DLC, all rolled up into one crazy, jaw-dropping game. Back in 2014 Goat Simulator received two separate DLC packs for Steam with MMO and GoatZ, and now these fun packed offerings of content have firmly hopped their way onto the consoles.

It’s time to venture back into the world where the Goat is King, a land where our hoofed friends reign supreme and humans play second fiddle to the sheer madness they cause. Early in 2015 Coffee Stain Studios brought Goat Simulator to the consoles after a huge almost cult like success on Steam and now, just like Steam we are introduced to the madness of the DLC that followed.


Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition: Xbox One [Reviewed], Xbox 360
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
Publisher: Double Eleven
Release Date: 26 August 2015
Price: £7.99 [Disclosure: Game copy supplied by Publisher]


Upon selecting the MMO Map, players are welcomed to the strange world of Massively Multiplayer Online – Goat style!. A strange and bewildering world lies ahead full of enchantment and mystery. Players can choose from an array of classes ranging from Magician to Tank, each class coming with its own set of abilities, which all adds a rather fun way of making your way across the magical land. Goat Simulator MMO takes all of the rules of a normal MMO such as Elder Scrolls Online and throws the book out of the window, or in this case most likely back kicks it through a window with the sheer force of its hoof.

The world is beautifully constructed and looks how it would if the Shire and Mordor had a love child. Even as you load the game up you get the sense that this won’t be a run of the mill multiplayer experience. First off there is no actual online, well there is but with friends, locally. The game however makes you believe you are not alone with a chatbox running at the bottom left of the screen, even the loading screen has a PC effect. Quests lie scattered throughout the land and you can even level up, though this is all for the MMO feel and the game plays on this theme brilliantly.


The music makes you feel like your deep inside a magical world with a wonderful medley of sounds being played where ever you go, the music changing as the mood and scenery changes with it. As my Magician Goat hopped and flew over fences and fields I couldn’t help but want to explore this world and see what the Map had to offer. There are so many different areas to visit and thus there are hours of fun to be had within MMO. There are bright beaches lined with weird looking Mermaids to visit and dark and haunting villages to conquer not to mention the castle, and of course there are some utterly insane quests to be undertaken.

There simply is no limit to the utter insanity of MMO and a prime example of this would be while out collecting the Golden Goat trophies throughout the green land. I stumbled across a Church, after hopping and then falling through the door I noticed a Trophy laid out on top of the Altar, so off I hopped to claim my prize when suddenly I fall through a trapdoor into a darkened corridor with a bright light at the end. Seeing no other means of exit I bounced towards the light and travelled to the next area.

I entered what seemed to be the same green world I had come from, that was until laser beams began to attack me like something out of Star Wars, but this was no George Lucas film…oh no, these were no Storm Troopers taking aim at me but Cows up on their hind legs, walking around like Humans with laser rifles, everywhere I went brought the same and no escape from the sheer madness I had stumbled into, in the end I had to restart the game to escape the carnage.



A unique take on DayZ, GoatZ is split into two separate days Before Outbreak and After Outbreak. I loaded up Before Outbreak and begun my new adventure at the rather evil looking Church which sits on top of a hill overlooking the town. After navigating my way down the steep hill I began to explore the land. The setting is very much like the City from Goat Simulator, but instead of having a fairground there is a big swimming pool with a Whiplash course, that’s Wipeout to most. 

There isn’t as much to do in GoatZ Before Outbreak as I had hoped and the only Quest available would spark off the actual Outbreak but there are a lot of sights to check out. With a Carnival, Mall and TV Studio to explore, Goat Z has all the panache of the main game but the main excitement came from the ability to infect humans with a simple BAAAA turning them into brain hungry flesh eating Zombies. Once five humans had been infected GoatZ became a whole lot more interesting.


The game ends and quickly restarts with the Goat trapped inside a Metal Cage in the middle of the street. Zombies have now taken over the town, thanks to all the BAAAAA’in. As I head-butt my way through the weak cage and onto the street, the real fun begins. Suddenly I am forced to survive the chaos by completing timed survival tasks. Objects are scattered around the town that when combined, create something entirely different. There are three crafting Garages around the Town that can be used to make weapons and defence objects.

As well as having the ability to craft various weapons and items throughout the Town, the military would drop in crates randomly to help you survive, these care packages ranged from exciting Weapons, Health and Food in a world where surviving can be quite tough. As a Goat I needed to eat to stay alive and with both a Health and Hunger bar, constantly under threat, my very hoofed life was at stake.

The tasks throughout Survival ranged from the stupidly easy, eating food to the insane, having to taking down a Zombie Elephant, that’s right… a Zombie Elephant!, that sprayed fire at me every time I got close. Upon completion of each task my Health and Hunger bar refilled, keeping me alive for a little while longer. Overall the Survival Mode is a lot of fun to play and while at times it can be a struggle to keep the Goat alive it certainly gives more value for money to an already exciting game, the mode keeps players on their toes in a world where anything goes.


Goat Simulator doesn’t want to be taken seriously, it wants to entertain you. There are no masquerades and no hidden agenda, just outright fun. Having experienced the chaos of the main game I feel I can testify that the DLC packs just the right amount of jovial ingredients to do just that. There are so many things to do within the Mmore Goatz Edition, players have choice and are not limited to one particular area. The MMO is an extremely beautiful yet weird world to experience that takes the Goat out of the somewhat norm of City life and places it straight into a land where magic and mystery exsist.

GoatZ leaves the Goat having to survive the chaos of a Zombie fuelled world, with items and weapons to be crafted and hordes of undead to headbutt, there are hours of fun to be had in and around the Town. You won’t run out of things to do and places to explore and that’s why yet again Goat Simulator is full value for money and a great game to play with friends. Though the game has it’s glitches it is undeniably an entertaining game full of wacky moments that should not be missed.

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition

Overall Game Rating



  • Hours of uniquely fun gameplay to be had
  • MMO World is beautifully insane
  • Zombies


  • Glitches can be insane at times
  • No online Mulitplayer
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